Keeping burglars away from your home is no small feat. There are ways to protect your home at all times and make it look unappealing to thieves.

    1. Lock it up

Make sure your doors are locked even when you’re home. If you live in one of those friendly communities where everyone is trusting and nobody locks their doors, you are a target for burglars. Career thieves make a point of finding these neighborhoods because they offer an easily accessible home to rob. Do not leave your doors or windows unlocked at any time.

    1. Eyes are Necessary

To keep burglars out, you will need a visible alarm system with a camera. Home security systems are major deterrents for burglars. When thieves see a camera they generally flee without taking anything even if they’re wearing a mask. Burglars do not like their every move recorded because it will inevitably lead to their capture. Keeping eyes on the inside and outside of your home ensures that burglars stay away. However, you need to make sure the cameras are visible on your premises. If the assailants can’t see the cameras, they won’t be deterred and will break into your home.

    1. Hide-a-Keys are a Big No-No

One of the biggest ways to get robbed is to leave your key under a rock or mat on your front porch or yard. Burglars know all the tricks in the book when it comes to your keys. Leaving a key hidden under a welcome mat, under a plant or rock acts as an invitation to robbers. You’re basically giving thieves the go-ahead to enter your home. If you are someone that is constantly losing your house key, try keeping a spare with a neighbor or someone you trust instead.

    1. Do Not Share

A common mistake that people make is to post their adventures on social media. If you’re going away on vacation do not upload pictures or indicate that you have left. Many burglars peruse Facebook and other social media sites to find out when people are going away. Do not check-in at the airport. Do not post pictures of you lounging on the beach while you’re on vacation. Wait until you return home from your trip to upload photos.

    1. Keep Your Grass Green

An unkempt lawn is a sure-fire way to get robbed. Burglars are on the prowl, looking for homes with overgrown grass and untrimmed hedges. If you don’t have time to do the upkeep yourself, hire a gardener, especially if you’re going away. Homes with unsightly front yards can appear abandoned, making them easy targets for thieves. They see a potentially abandoned home and think of it is a big score. Remember that valuables can range from everything to jewels and money to copper piping and floor panels. Thieves aren’t picky and will take anything they can get their hands on.

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Allan Baum
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