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With Mul-T-Lock, you know you are in good hands. Mul-T-Lock is an international brand that makes it possible for you to buy a patented cylinder platform through a global, authorized dealer network.

Keys from High Security Locking solutions

PROTECTION PLUS® has been chosen by Mul-T-Lock® as our trusted partner to provide high-security door lock services for our residential clients. For over four decades, Mul-T-Lock has been a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing High Security locking products and security solutions for the residential market.

Mul-T-Lock is wholly owned by ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in access solutions. From security locks to security doors, entrance automation and access control systems, ASSA ABLOY has an annual turnover of $8.7 billion and employs approximately 49,000 people worldwide.

Why should you as a consumer choose PROTECTION PLUS and Mul-T-Lock Toronto

  • Mul-T-Lock established over 45 years ago. State of the art technology and 100’s of patents on key technology and locking systems keep you safe by not allowing unauthorized duplication of your keyway.
  • Our Key controls systems are Patented. Our strict, Mul-T-Lock’s Key Control Systems and regulations are specifically designed to prevent unauthorized key duplication. It is only possible at Only authorized MUL-T-Lock dealers can duplicate Mul-T-Lock keys for their customers on their dedicated Mul-T-Lock keyway key cutting machine.
  • Tamper resistance. Mul-T-Lock products are designed to withstand forced entry attempts, picking, bumping or different types of drilling. Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism will defeat even the most skilled lockpicker. Each cylinder incorporates hardened steel inserts in strategic areas to offer a high level of drill resistance. Plus, Ten and eight-pin cylinder designs enhance the level of security by requiring a dual shear line match for the cylinder to operate. Additionally, advanced protective elements such as split and mushroom plug pins, interlocking telescopic pins and strict key control procedures essentially remove the threat of bumping.
  • Multiple use-single key solutions. Mul-T-Lock manufactures many types of keys and locks for difficult situations. With your one Master Key solutions, you can open your filing cabinet, backyard shed, computer room and your office with one key on your ring.
  • Versatility. No job is too small or too large for Mul-T-Lock. The extensive product line includes locks, padlocks, and cylinders – both foreign and domestic. High security locking solutions for the Canadian market can be incorporated into a single keying system, are just part of Mul-T-Lock’s impressive product portfolio.


MTL™800 Mul-T-Lock’s

Mul-T-Lock’s premium cylinder platform is designed for supreme protection, flexibility, and convenience – with your needs in mind. MTL™800 meets high international standards to offer enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation, so your home remains secure, always.

State of the art patented technology
MTL™800 integrate a combination of protective elements to create a triple locking mechanism.

MTL™800 contains a new double Alpha spring, a new plug pin made of two separate parts that are replacing the solid pin of the current MT5®+ design, and a new loading system. Many of the existing high-security features integrated into current MT5®+ are already leading the locking solution industry, so they were not modified for the purpose of the new product release.

MTL™800 supports large and complex master key systems, advanced key copy requirements, even within the same suite. Its milled pattern can be used to create exclusive keyways, providing home and business owners with the flexibility they need to meet their specific needs.

MTL600 superior protection locking solution

The MTL600 superior protection locking solution provides you with the high security you need, and the enhanced key copy control you desire.

The combination of several technological elements creates strong resistance against different forms of lock manipulation.

The MTL600 mechanical platform addresses High Security concerns while responding to functional needs.

Building on four decades of extensive experience and the MTL600 key platform’s proven technology and global success, MTL600 utilizes patent technology for enhanced High Security.

Using advanced technology, Interactive+ combines an enhanced variation of the telescopic pin mechanism with a special patented floating element to meet the highest security standards.


With MTL™300, you can enjoy a high-security patented locking system developed by a worldwide leader – at an affordable price.

Based on the combination of existing field-proven technologies, this patented cylinder platform offers peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attacks.

Ideal for residential and small-to-medium business customers, MTL™300 is an entry-level locking solution that goes beyond the standard, offering advanced, patented technology and protection that complies with international standards. The platform is patented, and a restricted key copy system enables locksmiths to access exclusive keying profiles using 6 different special cut types while guaranteeing protection against unauthorized key duplication.

MUL-T-LOCK Key Copy Control System

Enhanced Key Copy Control

All Mul-T-Lock mechanical products come with a unique card that should be presented to PROTECTION PLUS along with a piece of photo ID when additional keys are needed. This key control system gives you piece of mind that only persons authorized by the owner can order additional keys and keys can only be copied by PROTECTION PLUS.


Hercular – Grade 1

The Hercular deadbolt is Mul-T-Lock’s flagship deadbolt locking solution. Its unique design allows for security in almost every way. Bump, pick, and drill resistant cylinders allow for extra key security while its unique steel ball bearing bolt mechanism and hardened steel inserts give it physical strength. The Hercular deadbolt will stop at nothing to deny unauthorized access via forced entry.

  • ANSI Grade 1 Locking Mechanism and Design
  • UL Fire Rated, Hardened Steel Bolt
  • UL437 Drill, Pick, and Bump Resistant Cylinder
  • MTL800 or MTL600 Key Control System
  • Standard and decorative styles available
  • Available in Single cylinder, Captive key, and 3-in-1 cylinder configuration
Hercular Deadbolt - Grade 1
Hercular Deadbolt - Grade 1
Cronus Deadbolt - Grade 2

Cronus – Grade 2

The Cronus deadbolt is the younger sibling to the Hercular deadbolt. Offering many benefits like the Hercular, the Cronus is bump, pick, and drill resistant allowing for extra key security while the solid brass bolt with a hardened steel insert allows for extra physical strength. The Cronus deadbolt is ideal for residential and light commercial applications with its ANSI Grade 2 commercial rating.

  • ANSI Grade 2 Locking Mechanism and Design
  • UL437 Drill, Pick, and Bump Resistant Cylinder
  • MTL600 or MTL300 Key Control System
  • Available in Single cylinder and 3-in-1 cylinder configuration