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Customized Home Security Systems

At PROTECTION PLUS®, “What matters most to you… matters most to us. Family and home are our most precious assets. Protecting your loved ones and your possessions is our goal at PROTECTION PLUS. We look at your family’s unique situation and design, install, and service home security system packages, locksmith services in Toronto, security cameras, security window film and security solutions to best suit your needs and budget. Toronto based PROTECTION PLUS uses security products from trusted providers such as Honeywell Home, Resideo, Qolsys, ALARM-i Video Verification, and We represent and install other great products such as Mul-T- Lock, Medeco and Security film from Madaco, some of the most trusted names in residential home security, for a complete security and life safety solution. Please have a look around our website. We would be happy to assist you in securing your home.

Customized Home Security Systems


  • Do I need a traditional telephone landline in my home?

    NO. While many alarm systems continue to use a traditional phone service by providers, many users are moving to cellular and internet options. If you do not have a traditional phone land-line, speak with one of our representatives about whether a cellular GSM or a new Wi-Fi® option is right for you. Costs will vary by the service chosen but may be considerably cheaper and more secure than maintaining a traditional land-line service. Note that some VOIP phone services may not be compatible with the transmission of alarm signals to the Emergency Response Center. Discuss your options with one of our customer service representatives.

  • What happens if my phone line is cut?

    If your alarm system is monitored through your phone line, the alarm system becomes a local system. The system will function normally with the siren; however, it cannot communicate with the monitoring station. This risk can be easily addressed through backup alternative communication methods such as cellular (GSM) or internet (Wi-Fi). If Call our customer service department for alternative communication technology and pricing.

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