Door Guardian Security Door Lock

At PROTECTION PLUS® we offer security solutions for your home and business. When you are looking for an affordable way to add an additional layer of security, The Door Guardian is the ideal solution. This cost-effective door lock helps prevent entry door break-ins. Considering this is the main point of entry for prowlers and thieves in the Greater Toronto Area, it makes a logical choice when looking for effective security improvements for your home.

What is The Door Guardian?

The Door Guardian is designed to work on most inward swinging exterior doors including front doors, side doors and even French or garden-style patio doors. It is a unique hinged door lock that makes it close to impossible to pry the door open or access the home through forced entry. It not only keeps people from gaining entry from outside, but also works as a “childproof” security lock to keep people safely inside.

Door Guardian security spring-loaded door lock

Who Needs a Spring Loaded Door Lock?

Everyone can benefit from The Door Guardian. However, it is a ‘must-have’ if you have:

  • A backyard swimming pool and you want to secure your back door from curious and adventurous toddlers or young children
  • A household with small children, sleepwalkers or elderly people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s

It is an effective security device to keep prowlers out and the vulnerable people in your household safe and secure inside.

Features of The Door Guardian

The Door Guardian is an easy-to-use spring-loaded device that installs in minutes on both wood and metal door jambs. During installation, you can adjust it to suit the size of your door jamb and the thickness of your door. It is available in six elegant finishes allowing you to match it to most home decor schemes. The 3-inch screws allow you to embed the screws deep into the stud behind the door jamb making it very difficult to gain entry even with extreme force. If you need to leave your home in a hurry, it simply pulls back and lifts away from the secure position. When using it to help childproof your home, it can be installed far out of reach of children, ideal for homes with toddlers.

For more information on The Door Guardian, speak to our team today. We specialize in offering affordable, effective security options suited to any budget.

Introducing The Door Guardian®. The vast majority of residential break-ins in the Greater Toronto Area are through entry doors. PROTECTION PLUS® now offers an additional layer of security with The Door Guardian.

Designed to fit most doors, easy to use, the Door Guardian provides peace of mind to you and your family.

The Door Guardian has been effectively used to prevent young and special needs children and adults from wandering. It’s a good solution for sleepwalkers and Alzheimer’s patients. A ‘must-have’ if you have a backyard swimming pool and you want to secure that back door from curious and adventurous toddlers or young children.

Door Guardian

The simple but effective device will secure most household, condo & cottage doors. Front doors, side doors, French doors, and more can benefit from this added security.

The Door Guardian resists forced entry providing peace of mind, effectively childproofs exterior doors, Easy to use spring-loaded device, 6 Elegant finishes will match most home decors.