Door Guardian Secu­ri­ty Door Lock

At PROTECTION PLUS® we offer secu­ri­ty solu­tions for your home and busi­ness. When you are look­ing for an afford­able way to add an addi­tion­al lay­er of secu­ri­ty, The Door Guardian is the ide­al solu­tion. This cost-effec­tive door lock helps pre­vent entry door break-ins. Con­sid­er­ing this is the main point of entry for prowlers and thieves in the Greater Toron­to Area, it makes a log­i­cal choice when look­ing for effec­tive secu­ri­ty improve­ments for your home.

What is The Door Guardian?

The Door Guardian is designed to work on most inward swing­ing exte­ri­or doors includ­ing front doors, side doors and even French or gar­den-style patio doors. It is a unique hinged door lock that makes it close to impos­si­ble to pry the door open or access the home through forced entry. It not only keeps peo­ple from gain­ing entry from out­side, but also works as a “child­proof” secu­ri­ty lock to keep peo­ple safe­ly inside.

Door Guardian security spring-loaded door lock

Who Needs a Spring Loaded Door Lock?

Every­one can ben­e­fit from The Door Guardian. How­ev­er, it is a ‘must-have’ if you have:

  • A back­yard swim­ming pool and you want to secure your back door from curi­ous and adven­tur­ous tod­dlers or young chil­dren
  • A house­hold with small chil­dren, sleep­walk­ers or elder­ly peo­ple suf­fer­ing from demen­tia or Alzheimer’s

It is an effec­tive secu­ri­ty device to keep prowlers out and the vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple in your house­hold safe and secure inside.

Features of The Door Guardian

The Door Guardian is an easy-to-use spring-loaded device that installs in min­utes on both wood and met­al door jambs. Dur­ing instal­la­tion, you can adjust it to suit the size of your door jamb and the thick­ness of your door. It is avail­able in six ele­gant fin­ish­es allow­ing you to match it to most home decor schemes. The 3‑inch screws allow you to embed the screws deep into the stud behind the door jamb mak­ing it very dif­fi­cult to gain entry even with extreme force. If you need to leave your home in a hur­ry, it sim­ply pulls back and lifts away from the secure posi­tion. When using it to help child­proof your home, it can be installed far out of reach of chil­dren, ide­al for homes with tod­dlers.

For more infor­ma­tion on The Door Guardian, speak to our team today. We spe­cial­ize in offer­ing afford­able, effec­tive secu­ri­ty options suit­ed to any bud­get.

Intro­duc­ing The Door Guardian®. The vast major­i­ty of res­i­den­tial break-ins in the Greater Toron­to Area are through entry doors. PROTECTION PLUS® now offers an addi­tion­al lay­er of secu­ri­ty with The Door Guardian.

Designed to fit most doors, easy to use, the Door Guardian pro­vides peace of mind to you and your fam­i­ly.

The Door Guardian has been effec­tive­ly used to pre­vent young and spe­cial needs chil­dren and adults from wan­der­ing. It’s a good solu­tion for sleep­walk­ers and Alzheimer’s patients. A ‘must-have’ if you have a back­yard swim­ming pool and you want to secure that back door from curi­ous and adven­tur­ous tod­dlers or young chil­dren.

Door Guardian

The sim­ple but effec­tive device will secure most house­hold, con­do & cot­tage doors. Front doors, side doors, French doors, and more can ben­e­fit from this added secu­ri­ty.

The Door Guardian resists forced entry pro­vid­ing peace of mind, effec­tive­ly child­proofs exte­ri­or doors, Easy to use spring-loaded device, 6 Ele­gant fin­ish­es will match most home decors.