Home Security Cameras, Video Surveillance & CCTV Systems

Thanks to tremendous technological advancements, Video Surveillance for Home Owners has never been more affordable or better quality. PROTECTION PLUS® now offers multiple options for video surveillance for your Greater Toronto Home.

Why do you need Security Cameras in Toronto?

How do you pick the right video surveillance system for your home?





Your PROTECTION PLUS consultant can help you decide what system is best for you and your budget.

PROTECTION PLUS offers solutions from Honeywell’s Total Connect and Alarm.com cameras and smartphone Apps for smaller residential applications.

Smart Home Security Camera

The Honeywell and Alarm.com solutions offer simple installation, minimal wiring requirements, and a secured portal for viewing and storing videos.

Another Video Surveillance system option can be designed by your PROTECTION PLUS Consultant using CCTV professional-grade cameras, software, and NVR or DVRs. A CCTV system is for larger applications and will be more suitable for outdoor applications with high-definition cameras available in weatherproof configurations.

Start with a simple 2 or 4-camera installation, and build space for adding more cameras later as your needs change. Features include multiple terabytes of onboard storage and smartphone apps for remote viewing and control.