Home Security Audit Services Toronto

Home Security Audit Services Toronto

At PROTECTION PLUS® Security, we specialize in finding affordable, safe security options for your home. We know the best way to ensure your property is secure is to have one of our professional Security Consultants perform a thorough, no-obligation inspection of your home. Our job is to find vulnerabilities and design a comprehensive security plan to keep your property as safe as possible.

What is a Home Security Audit?

A home security audit is a thorough inspection of your home and property to identify every possible entry or security challenge. We don’t just look at apparent issues, but instead, look at your ENTIRE home. We then make recommendations on how to improve your home security.

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Why an Alarm System Isn’t Enough

Although an alarm system can detect an intruder, it doesn’t always succeed at preventing them from entering your home. Today’s criminals are pretty savvy and will find a means to get into your home if they think it is worth their effort. Although most criminals are lazy, sometimes they target particular properties they believe will yield them the best finds. Therefore, a complete security system should defend your home in three ways:

Your home requires not just a traditional alarm system but additional locks and detection devices to deter intruders and warn them off.

Why You Need a Home Security Audit

Our trained PROTECTION, PLUS® Security Experts, perform in-depth Home Security Audits to analyze your security and life-safety requirements. Their audit considers the conditions inside and outside your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. This allows us to determine our best practice recommendations and what you can realistically afford. Our assessments provide the best-case scenario for your security plan, and we can discuss the basics required to protect your home based on your budget. Because we offer such a comprehensive list of products and services, we can quickly provide a plan for any household.

What is a Security Plan?

A security plan outlines the recommended security products or services to secure your home. The project can be detailed or suggest a few core products and services. Every home is different, with its own needs based on the people living in the house, the location, and vulnerabilities ranging from faulty locks to isolation and hidden doors to poor lighting. Our security plans prioritize your security options to help you decide what options work best for your budget.

What Products and Services are Available for Security Plans?

We offer a full range of security products and services, including:

Our audits allow our security consultants to design and fulfil a plan that meets your needs. However, it is not limited to break-ins but also addresses other potential threats to your family and property, including fire, floods, smoke, carbon monoxide and more.

If you want more information on our No-Obligation Home Security Audits, speak to our team today. We are ready to offer customized security plans and installations suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Home Security Audit Services Toronto

Home Security Audit Services Toronto

Have you ever had a professional Security Consultant thoroughly inspect your home? Have you considered the vulnerable areas of your ENTIRE home? An Alarm system can detect an intruder, but how to PREVENT a burglar from getting into your home? A trained PROTECTION PLUS® Security Expert will do an in-depth Home Security Audit to analyze your security and life-safety requirements based on the conditions inside and outside your home and your lifestyle and budget. Your safety can be augmented as much or as little as you require, using any number of our products and services. See how we can adequately protect you and your family with a security plan based on various measures. Alarm system, hi-security locks, door re-enforcements, window film, basement window security bars, security cameras, fire alarms, and flood detectors, we will design and fulfil a plan that meets your needs.

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