Security Window Bars
Security Window Bars

Security Window Bar Basics

Are Window Security Bars the right choice for your home?

Window security bars are useful on several levels. They prevent easy access into your home through a window. However, much of its effectiveness is psychological. Intruders prefer to work quickly, quietly, and they don’t like complications. Merely the sight of window bars is often enough to discourage a burglar from even attempting a burglary. Window bars send a clear signal that you have taken measures to protect your home.

Window bars may not be the choice for every window in your home, as they do change the appearance of the window. In some instances, security window film may be a preferred option. But bars should be considered for the most vulnerable windows to prevent breakage and forced entry.

Where to Install Security Bars

A good start is to install bars on the windows that are least visible and easiest to reach. Basement windows are especially susceptible to burglary: They are low, and often hidden in shadows and obscured by shrubs and fences or window wells, allowing intruders to enter out-of-sight of your neighbours.

Most residential window bars are installed from the inside of the home and window. But in some cases where windows border on driveways or alleyways, custom wrought iron bars are mounted on the exterior to not only protect from intruders but also projectiles resulting from kids playing soccer and street hockey, etc.

Window bars can be useful protection for detached garages with windows where alarm systems are difficult to install.

What you need to know

Window Security Bar Installation

While window security bars can be a source of protection, installed incorrectly, they can be a fire hazard. In many jurisdictions, window bars must have the capacity to be readily open from the inside. If you are considering installing your window bars, ensure they have a quick-release key system and that the keys are kept near the window bars, in plain sight for occupants, but out of arms reach of a potential intruder still outside.

Security bars should never be installed on the windows of a small child’s room without first establishing a means of entry in case of a fire or when the main door is blocked. Small children may not be able to work an unlocking mechanism or lock that may be associated with the security bars. Older children should be taught how to open the security bars, and you should let them practice doing so frequently so that they are prepared in case of a fire or other emergency.

As effective physical protection, window bars must also be installed with screws long enough to pass through the drywall into the wooden frames or wall studs. It’s important to use appropriately sized window bars to match the windows. Scrimping on size may render them useless if someone can squeeze around the window bar.

Security bars work well with other Home Security measures. They are an essential layer in providing physical protection for your home. A PROTECTION PLUS® consultant can advise on costs and the appropriate uses of window bars in your home.

Lots of natural light and great views, but could you be compromising your security with large and plentiful windows? To a thief, a broken window is a free pass to valuables inside.

PROTECTION PLUS offers you a variety of solutions, and you don’t have to compromise between beauty and safety.

In many instances, installing a physical barrier to a window is a great solution. Window bars no longer need to be unattractive. They can match your windows with white enamel coatings and provide a physical barrier and visual deterrent to intruders.

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