Strike Plates for Doors

Door Strike Plate

The strike plate on most doors is often a weak and overlooked part of your door hardware. If the deadbolt is a quality lock mounted in a high-quality door, the chances are slim that the door will break if someone tries to kick in the door. The weak link then becomes the door frame, not the door or lock. Consequently, it is imperative the deadbolt strike plate is large enough and strong enough to reinforce the door frame and deter, even prevent, the door from being kicked in by robbers and home invaders.

Most Big Box store brands of deadbolts and locks come with small light-duty door strikes. For extra reinforcement longer plates that will grip more of the door frame with screws that penetrate several inches into the door frame and wall are needed. The way the strike plate is installed (or not installed) will determine the real strength of your door system.