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Professional Locksmith Services

The company name PROTECTION PLUS® is about continually striving to offer our clients more innovative protection services. Professional locksmith services are essential in our efforts to provide our clients with a comprehensive security solution. The locks on your doors are on the front line of defence for your valuables and property. While an alarm system will notify of a break-in, attention to your locks may prevent a burglary or forced entry. Consequently, PROTECTION PLUS is providing Locksmith Services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in any size of Business Security jobs. Small Business, Business Security, Industrial, and the Rental Market, we can help you secure them all.

Finding a reliable locksmith service is not as easy as you might think. It’s mostly an unregulated industry in Ontario. It’s vital to choose a reputable provider of Lock Services. You will provide this person with your address, allowing them entry into your business, and trusting them to change and service your locks and keys with integrity.

To be sure you are dealing with professionals instead of con artists, you can follow general tips:

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