Mul-T-Lock’s 3 in 1 cylinder

At PROTECTION PLUS®, we have protected our commercial customers for over 25 years, offering the latest advancements in customized business security systems. We pride ourselves in finding affordable solutions, so every business has options that keep commercial properties, assets, and staff safe. The Mul-T-Lock’s 3-in-1 Cylinder addresses the common challenge presented by lost or stolen business keys. Costly lock replacement is no longer required with this all-in-one lock. With a three-key system you automatically change the lock configuration using a new key when your master key is lost or stolen. What could be simpler than a key system you have complete control over 24/7?

Why Consider the Mul-T-Lock’s 3-in-1 Cylinder?

The Mul-T-Lock’s 3-in-1 cylinder allows instant mechanical lock cylinder rekeying without special tools or services. The colour-coded keys include the green key, the initial master key you choose to hold or share with a trusted team member.

Should that key be lost or stolen, the yellow key is inserted into the lock to rekey the cylinder automatically. The final red key is used when the yellow key is lost. If the third key is compromised, a PROTECTION PLUS® locksmith will reset the cylinder and provide a new set of keys the same day. 3-in-1 Cylinders offer many benefits, including:

  • More Control: You have complete control over your lock system and can alter a cylinder instantly whether the key is lost or you have made an unexpected staff change that calls for quick access changes.
  • DIY Rekeying: You make the changes yourself in seconds without waiting for a locksmith in an emergency situation.
  • Affordable: There are no rekeying labour costs or expensive key replacements.
  • Value: Authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers can easily reset 3-in-1 keying once all keys are compromised.
  • Simplicity: It is the most user-friendly lock system available, with a fully mechanical function that does not require complex software or expensive electronics.

Our PROTECTION PLUS® locksmiths are authorized Mul-T-Lock experts ready to install your new cylinder as an affordable, easy solution to keep your business secure.

How Does the Mul-T-Lock’s 3-in-1 Cylinder Work?

Your Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1 Cylinder requires no disassembly or removal of the cylinder when a key is compromised. You insert and turn the next colour-coded key to change the cylinder to a new combination. Once the next key is used, the primary key is nullified so that the person holding the key cannot enter the premises.

The Mul-T-Lock cylinder allows you to change the lock combination anytime without needing a locksmith. It uses a patented telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins that both need to align at the same time to work. This allows the lock’s plugs to rotate and reach the right position to lock and unlock the door.

Regardless of why your lock must be changed, you can do it immediately. Once the final key is compromised, a quick call to our authorized, certified locksmiths will have the main cylinder replaced and a new set of keys in your hands the same day.

Why Your Business Needs Updated Security

The PROTECTION PLUS® team of security experts and technicians finds affordable, customized solutions that protect your business and staff. We remain on the leading edge of business security products to find the best solutions in the industry.

As technology changes, criminals find new ways to overcome new security measures. Your business can remain one step ahead of potential break-ins by updating your property security. You can reach out to our customer service team to discuss your concerns and arrange for an audit to identify security vulnerabilities.

We offer solutions such as the Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1 Cylinder as well as a wide range of complementary security system products and services to safeguard your business, including:

If you want to protect your property but don’t have the finances available, we offer cost-effective solutions, as well as EZ pay financing solutions to bring the most advanced systems into reach.


PROTECTION PLUS® provides viable business security solutions customized to your needs. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled security plans and exceptional customer service to ensure each purchase and installation is completed to the highest standards. For over 25 years, we have secured hundreds of businesses in Toronto, the GTA, and Southern Ontario.

Whether you are looking for leading-edge solutions using smart technology or want cost-effective security solutions such as the Mul-T-Lock system, we provide your first line of defence to keep your business safe. From lock systems to window bars and monitored CCTV systems to automated door openers, our team specializes in customized business security solutions for complete peace of mind.

When you are looking for cost-effective security solutions for your business, contact one of our PROTECTION PLUS® Security Experts. We offer an extensive line of business security options, including the Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1 Cylinder.