Lock Rekeying

When moving to a new location, PROTECTION PLUS® is here to protect your new home or business. Our PROTECTION PLUS® locksmiths offer peace of mind with rekeying services that ensure only those with new keys can access your property. Just give us a call and let us know when you’re moving, and our locksmiths will arrive at your new place to rekey the locks and provide new keys.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is performed by our professional locksmiths, who change the configuration of your lock’s cylinder, so all existing keys become inoperative. It is the most crucial step to keeping your new location secure and should be arranged on or before moving day. In many cases, the cost of rekeying locks can be less than throwing the old locks away and buying new locks.

We assess the existing lock to ensure it is sound and of the highest quality before rekeying the lock. If the cylinder is not reusable, we can replace the cylinder or the entire lock with various secure lock options.

Why You Need Lock Rekeying

You might be surprised how many people have keys to your new home. Many homeowners forget they have shared keys with everyone from dog walkers to house cleaners and neighbours to friends. Although the landlord or real estate agent requests the previous tenant or homeowner to hand in keys when they move, they can easily forget or even purposefully not provide every set they made. That leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins.

Another reason to have locks rekeyed at your new home is that you can have all the locks rekeyed for each door including the front door, garage door, side entries, etc. so you only have a single key for your entire home. This makes managing keys much easier. Also, insurance companies are suspicious of break-ins that don’t show signs of forced entry which means access with an existing key could lead to insurance compliance issues, including out-and-out claim denial. Lock rekeying is an affordable solution we highly recommend.

How to Improve Home Security

As many as 50% of break-ins in Toronto and the GTA occur without signs of forced entry. This is often because existing keys are in the wrong hands. The easiest way to improve home security in your new home is to start with either lock rekeying, cylinder replacement, or a new secure lock system.

Once you move into your new home location, be diligent in reducing the number of keys you share. The more keys out there, the more difficult it becomes to track them, and the higher risk there is for keys to be lost, stolen, or used to gain unauthorized entry to your home.

PROTECTION PLUS® locksmith services can help you decide which locks are suited to rekeying or when it makes more sense to replace the cylinder or entire lock. This is the opportunity to consider the many types of locks available and choose a replacement that best suits your needs. You can also ask about our Master key program and Key Control options.

When to Arrange for Lock Rekeying Services

We recommend giving us 30 days’ notice. This provides ample time to have everything taken care of by moving day. We will ensure your home is adequately protected and can also offer a special moving promotion if you are an existing customer.

We want you to feel completely safe in your new home and provide free home security audits to look for vulnerabilities that could make you an easy target for intruders. Our assessments can also consider an existing security system already installed at your home.

Whether you require lock rekeying or additional security steps, we base our recommendations on the level of safety you prefer. Our goal is to educate you on the risks your new home presents so we can keep you safe and secure, with no obligation to purchase any of our products.


Whether you require lock rekeying or want advice on keeping your new home safe, we offer the level of service you require when you need it. We can assist with any of the following security products and services:

We’ll find a customized security package ideal for your needs.

How to Make Your Move Secure

To help make your move as secure and safe as possible, follow these steps:

Book Your Lock Rekeying ASAP

Providing as much notice as possible ensures existing key holders can’t open your locks. If you own your new home, consider installing high-quality locks such as keypad entry instead of a key for even more control over who enters your home.

Have a free Security Assessment

A free security assessment provides valuable insights into the most vulnerable areas of your new home with affordable solutions to keep your home secure.

If you’re making a move, call to set up your lock-rekeying appointment as soon as possible. You can also contact our team to discuss our free security assessments. We’re here to offer cost-effective solutions to keep you and your family safe and sound.