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Electronic Card Access Control Systems Toronto

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Our mission is to provide security solutions and convenience to the building environment. As a certified Openpath partner, we design install and help manage smart, customizable access control solutions. By combining cutting-edge c cloud-based software and sleek, modern design, hardware, PROTECTION PLUS enables mobile hands-free entry and makes system management easier than ever before.

Access control system with keyless door entry in your facilities is a major part of protecting and managing access to an area at any given time. In addition to regulating access to your building, you may also need to restrict entry to certain inside areas. Higher security needs, such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, and other areas are addressed.

Applications of Card Access Control System

Here are some of the most common applications for access control across industries:

  • Commercial offices – With the evolution of more flexible working conditions, businesses need to provide next-generation security featuring fast and reliable access control. The right user-friendly interface solution can increase worker satisfaction, reliably keep employees safe and effectively property and various risks.
  • Retail -Worried about inventory “walking” out of your store? Without the right system in place this happens more than you know. Employees or shoplifters can play a significant role on a company’s bottom line., Given high turnover rates in the retail industry, smart access control allows employers to add, remove and schedule access to the staff as needed without extra labour.
  • Multi-tenant housing – Historically, access security in multi-tenant housing complexes meant having a door buzzer and intercom in the lobby entrance. Upscale buildings often have doormen who check in any visitor that enters to ensure only authorized guests are permitted. However, with rising rents in metropolitan areas, landlords need to think strategically on how to lower their costs while adding value. Adding a state-of-the-art access control solution accomplishes just that.
  • Education – Whether you’re in a Primary school, Secondary school, or a university setting, protecting students and teachers is a top priority. As security incidents become more prevalent on campuses, school administrators need to ensure that students feel safe in their learning environments. With mobile credentials, schools can create a welcoming environment that ensures authorized access to the campus.
Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Religious institutions – Religious institutions have recently become more vulnerable to vandalism, burglary and violence. At the same time, they wish to project a welcoming atmosphere and openness to all of their congregants and staff. This can be challenging: a security gap can make the institution vulnerable to attacks, while too much protection can appear too intrusive. A state-of-the-art access control solution can solve this problem by blending into its physical surroundings, supporting multiple access methods to foster accessibility, and having strong access and lockdown capability.
  • Healthcare – Access control in the healthcare industry requires an innovative approach that requires the ability to access main and internal entrances. Additionally, any access control solution must possess data that integrates with various rules, such as shift changes or specific department access. Healthcare facilities rely on access control to ensure only authorized users can have access to narcotics, substances and medical records.
  • Government -Given the risks facing government facilities such as access to sensitive areas, crisis management and unauthorized facility access, working on the governmental level requires meeting several specialized security standards.
  • Hospitality – As companies like AirBnB change the hospitality industry, hotels are under increased pressure to make their hotels amenable to guests while maintaining a high level of security. A mobile access solution can help mitigate the challenges.
  • Hi-Risk; ULC, Banking, Jewellery,  applications – Hi-Risk institutions are constantly under attack. They are vulnerable to a host of threats including robbery, fraud and terrorism. However, brick-and-mortar properties are beginning to cut or are unable o full-time security personnel. Openpath gives them the capability to easily manage the security at each facility without requiring the physical presence of many or any officers.
  • Warehousing and Shelf Storage- Today’s warehouses are becoming smarter and more automated than ever before. Many facilities are still using traditional locks or keypads to get into the room. The problem is that a lost key can create a significant expense and key codes are easy to share with other employees. Through a smart access control system, warehouses and storage facilities can ensure their inventory is safe at all.
Access Control Systems


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Access Control Systems

Having access control in your facilities is a significant part of protecting your business. In addition to regulating access to your building, you may also need to restrict entry to some inside areas with higher security needs such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, etc. You could give employees different keys to different rooms and then need to change locks with employee turnover, but this is cumbersome, costly, and not very effective.

You can eliminate these hassles by merely having PROTECTION PLUS® install an electronic access control system, such as Openpath.

Openpath’s mission is to improve convenience and security in the access control environment. Openpath creates smart, customizable entry control solutions. By combining sleek hardware with cloud-based enterprise software, Openpath enables mobile, hands-free entry and makes system management easier than ever.

The scalable, open platform seamlessly integrates with best-of-breed partners across a wide range of categories used to most efficiently run your business, including; Tailgating, Video Management & Surveillance, Lockdown, Active Directory Platforms, Visitor Management, Building Automation and so many more.

PROTECTION PLUS® is proud to be one of the first Canadian authorized dealers. Our trained and certified technicians and sales representatives will facilitate your access control systems’ implementation from the first step to last.

PROTECTION PLUS stands behind the Openpath lifetime equipment warranty*.
* some conditions apply.