Access Control Systems

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Access Control

Hands-Free & Touch­less
Wave to Unlock with the phone in your pock­et

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Man­age your access from any­where

Real-Time Report­ing – 24/7 access activ­i­ty logs

Guest Pass – One-time access with easy SMS or email link

Triple Unlock Patent­ed Tech­nol­o­gy

Access Control Systems

Convenient Keyless Access with Video

Our mis­sion is to pro­vide con­ve­nient build­ing access con­trol sys­tems to secure any envi­ron­ment. As a cer­ti­fied Avig­ilon Alta for­mer­ly known as Open Path, we design, install and help man­age smart, cus­tomiz­able access con­trol solu­tions.

  • PROTECTION PLUS uti­lizes cut­ting-edge soft­ware and mod­ern hard­ware for their cus­tom, inte­grat­ed secu­ri­ty solu­tions and is a lead­ing Toron­to access con­trol sys­tem installer. PROTECTION PLUS is a top provider for Toron­to and the GTA, includ­ing Mis­sis­sauga, Hamil­ton, and the Durham and York regions.

When installing your access con­trol sys­tem, Toron­to pro­fes­sion­als rec­om­mend key­less door entry with built-in video capa­bil­i­ties for pro­tect­ing and man­ag­ing access to an area at any giv­en time. In addi­tion to reg­u­lat­ing access to your build­ing,

your access con­trol sys­tem installer can also help you restrict entry to inte­ri­or areas. Avig­ilon Alta cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem is favoured for the intu­itive soft­ware for easy man­age­ment, sim­ple hard­ware instal­la­tion, and read­ers with built-in cam­eras to com­bine smart mobile entry with video secu­ri­ty in a sin­gle device at the door. PROTECTION PLUS will design com­mer­cial build­ing access con­trol sys­tems that address needs for your file rooms, serv­er rooms, inven­to­ry stor­age areas, and oth­er areas that require high-lev­el phys­i­cal secu­ri­ty.

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Applications of a Card Access Control System

Here are some of the most common applications for access control across industries:

  • Com­mer­cial offices

    With the evo­lu­tion of more flex­i­ble work­ing con­di­tions, busi­ness­es must pro­vide next-gen­er­a­tion secu­ri­ty fea­tur­ing fast and reli­able access con­trol. A key card access con­trol sys­tem is a reli­able way to give employ­ees more flex­i­ble access. Intro­duc­ing touch­less and mobile-based options for wire­less door access con­trol sys­tems is also pop­u­lar, as it min­i­mizes man­age­ment for on-site teams. 

  • Retail

    The right access con­trol sys­tem can sig­nif­i­cant­ly impact your bot­tom line. Giv­en high turnover rates in the retail indus­try, smart access con­trol allows employ­ers to add, remove and sched­ule access for staff as need­ed with­out extra labour. For man­ag­ing mul­ti­ple retail loca­tions, a cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem gives admin­is­tra­tors remote access to all their secu­ri­ty data and con­trols for greater flex­i­bil­i­ty.

  • Mul­ti-ten­ant hous­ing

    With ris­ing rent in met­ro­pol­i­tan areas and a greater desire for bet­ter secu­ri­ty, land­lords are turn­ing to smarter access con­trol for their com­mu­ni­ties. Cloud-based and mobile access con­trol sys­tems let prop­er­ty man­agers eas­i­ly accom­mo­date vis­i­tors, deliv­er­ies, and main­te­nance with­out hav­ing to staff a recep­tion or lob­by desk with 24/7 secu­ri­ty. State-of-the-art inte­grat­ed sys­tems are also equipped to con­nect with ten­ant apps for a bet­ter renter expe­ri­ence.

  • Edu­ca­tion

    Whether you’re in a Pri­ma­ry school, Sec­ondary school, or a uni­ver­si­ty set­ting, pro­tect­ing stu­dents and teach­ers is a top pri­or­i­ty. As secu­ri­ty inci­dents become more preva­lent on cam­pus­es, school admin­is­tra­tors must ensure that stu­dents feel safe in their learn­ing envi­ron­ments. A key card access con­trol sys­tem is a great way to allow autho­rized access to the cam­pus for fac­ul­ty and staff. PROTECTION PLUS can set you up with wire­less door access con­trol sys­tems equipped with remote lock­down for bet­ter emer­gency response and improved school safe­ty.

Smartphone Access Control Systems
  • Reli­gious insti­tu­tions

    Reli­gious insti­tu­tions have recent­ly become more vul­ner­a­ble to van­dal­ism, bur­glary and vio­lence. At the same time, they wish to project a wel­com­ing atmos­phere and open­ness to all of their con­gre­gants and staff. A state-of-the-art key card access con­trol sys­tem can solve this prob­lem by blend­ing into its phys­i­cal sur­round­ings, sup­port­ing mul­ti­ple access meth­ods to fos­ter acces­si­bil­i­ty, and cre­at­ing a sys­tem of record that logs access activ­i­ty for easy auditabil­i­ty. Remote access is a key fea­ture of cloud-based access con­trol sys­tems for hous­es of wor­ship and enables remote sys­tem lock­down for improved safe­ty and emer­gency response.

  • Health­care

    Access con­trol sys­tems in the health­care indus­try require an inno­v­a­tive approach with easy ingress and egress for main entries but lim­it­ing access to nar­cotics, sub­stances, lab­o­ra­to­ry equip­ment, and med­ical records. Addi­tion­al­ly, any hos­pi­tal access con­trol sys­tem must be able to eas­i­ly accom­mo­date chang­ing shifts and employ­ee sched­ules and facil­i­tate quick and easy access through­out the build­ing. Wire­less door access con­trol sys­tems are an excel­lent option for hos­pi­tal secu­ri­ty, as they pro­vide detailed audits of entry activ­i­ty. Paired with cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem soft­ware, hos­pi­tals can eas­i­ly adjust per­mis­sions and door sched­ules remote­ly for greater flex­i­bil­i­ty.

  • Gov­ern­ment

    Due to strict access and data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions, secur­ing gov­ern­men­tal facil­i­ties requires meet­ing sev­er­al tech­ni­cal secu­ri­ty stan­dards. Key card access con­trol sys­tems man­aged on-premise can pro­vide gov­ern­ment build­ings with bet­ter phys­i­cal secu­ri­ty, lim­it­ing who has the autho­riza­tion to enter the build­ing. Installing a wire­less door access con­trol is key for high-secu­ri­ty areas, as it pre­vents unau­tho­rized indi­vid­u­als from gain­ing entry and pro­vides a clear report for bet­ter auditabil­i­ty.

  • Hos­pi­tal­i­ty

    As com­pa­nies like Airbnb change the hos­pi­tal­i­ty indus­try, hotels are under increased pres­sure to make their facil­i­ties amenable to guests while main­tain­ing a high lev­el of secu­ri­ty. A mobile, cloud-based access con­trol solu­tion can help mit­i­gate the chal­lenges. Hotel guests can unlock their room doors with their phones, acti­vat­ing the wire­less door access con­trol sys­tem via a con­ve­nient app. This elim­i­nates the old­er key card access con­trol sys­tem mod­els and makes it eas­i­er for guests to check in and access their rooms at any time. Wire­less door lock sys­tems are also famous for keep­ing hotel ameni­ties safer, such as con­trol­ling access to fit­ness cen­tres, pools, office cen­tres, and con­fer­ence spaces.

  • High-risk

    ULC, bank­ing, and jew­ellery appli­ca­tions – High-risk busi­ness­es are vul­ner­a­ble to var­i­ous threats, includ­ing rob­bery, fraud and ter­ror­ism. How­ev­er, brick-and-mor­tar prop­er­ties are often lim­it­ed on the on-site per­son­nel they can employ for secu­ri­ty. Installing a cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem like Avig­ilon Alta allows them to effi­cient­ly man­age the secu­ri­ty at each facil­i­ty with­out requir­ing the phys­i­cal pres­ence of an on-site admin­is­tra­tor. Fea­tures like auto­mat­ed alerts help keep man­agers informed and empow­er proac­tive secu­ri­ty man­age­ment with remote access to report­ing, per­mis­sions, and door locks.

  • Ware­hous­ing and shelf stor­age

    Today’s ware­hous­es are becom­ing smarter and more auto­mat­ed than ever. For facil­i­ties still using tra­di­tion­al locks or key­pads to get into the room, a lost key can cre­ate a sig­nif­i­cant expense and crit­i­cal codes are eas­i­ly com­pro­mised. Through a smart cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem, ware­hous­es and stor­age facil­i­ties can ensure their inven­to­ry is always safe. The plat­form allows ware­house man­agers to issue cre­den­tials, change door sched­ules, and even remote­ly unlock the door with­out being on-site.

  • Man­u­fac­tur­ing

    There are many mov­ing parts for man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ties, so secu­ri­ty is a top pri­or­i­ty. A key card access con­trol sys­tem can help pro­vide a bet­ter pic­ture of who is access­ing spe­cif­ic spaces with improved auditabil­i­ty. From unlock­ing the door for a last-minute deliv­ery to expe­dit­ing insur­ance claims to ensur­ing loss pre­ven­tion, a cloud-based access con­trol sys­tem is a more inno­v­a­tive way to keep man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ties safe and secure.

Show how a cloud-based Pro­tec­tion Plus access con­trol sys­tem can work for your busi­ness, with the fastest, most reli­able mobile unlock­ing expe­ri­ence and a com­plete range of hard­ware and soft­ware designed to scale with ease.

Access Control Systems

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Top access control systems features

Access Control Systems

Access con­trol in your facil­i­ties is a sig­nif­i­cant part of pro­tect­ing your busi­ness. In addi­tion to reg­u­lat­ing access to your build­ing, you may also need to restrict entry to some inside areas with high­er secu­ri­ty needs, such as file rooms, serv­er rooms, inven­to­ry stor­age areas, etc. You could give employ­ees dif­fer­ent keys to dif­fer­ent rooms and then need to change locks with employ­ee turnover, but this is cum­ber­some, cost­ly, and not very effec­tive.

You can elim­i­nate these has­sles by hav­ing PROTECTION PLUS® install an elec­tron­ic access con­trol sys­tem, such as Avig­ilon Alta.

Our mis­sion is to improve con­ve­nience and secu­ri­ty in the access con­trol envi­ron­ment. Avig­ilon Alta cre­ates inno­v­a­tive, cus­tomiz­able entry con­trol solu­tions. By com­bin­ing sleek hard­ware with cloud-based enter­prise soft­ware, Avig­ilon Alta enables mobile, hands-free entry and makes sys­tem man­age­ment more acces­si­ble than ever.

The scal­able, open plat­form seam­less­ly inte­grates with best-of-breed part­ners across a wide range of cat­e­gories used to most effi­cient­ly run your busi­ness, includ­ing; Tail­gat­ing, Video Man­age­ment & Sur­veil­lance, Lock­down, Active Direc­to­ry Plat­forms, Vis­i­tor Man­age­ment, Build­ing Automa­tion, and so many more.

PROTECTION PLUS® is proud to be one of first Avig­ilon Alta Cana­di­an autho­rized deal­er. Our trained and cer­ti­fied tech­ni­cians and sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives will facil­i­tate your access con­trol sys­tems’ imple­men­ta­tion from the first step to the last.

PROTECTION PLUS stands behind the Avig­ilon Alta life­time equip­ment war­ran­ty*.
* some con­di­tions apply.



  • What type of access control is best in the era of Covid-19?

    Access Con­trol sys­tems can unlock doors in a num­ber of ways.

    • Key­fob
    • Phone app
    • Smart­phone that works as a fob
    • By push­ing the read­er
    • And with a wave

    Not all sys­tems can use all meth­ods. Best to do your research before instal­la­tion. The wave fea­ture min­i­mizes con­tact how­ev­er, to take full advan­tage, this fea­ture should be incor­po­rat­ed with a strike release so the door not only unlocks, but opens auto­mat­i­cal­ly as well.

  • Where can access control be used?

    most com­mon appli­ca­tions for access con­trol include:

    • Com­mer­cial offices
    • Retail
    • Mul­ti-ten­ant hous­ing
    • Edu­ca­tion
    • Reli­gious insti­tu­tions
    • Health­care
    • Gov­ern­ment
    • Hi-Risk; ULC, Bank­ing, Jew­ellery, appli­ca­tions
    • Ware­hous­ing and Shelf Stor­age
  • How many doors can be serviced by an access control system?

    Small busi­ness is the heart­beat of the Ontario econ­o­my, and the vast major­i­ty of access con­trol sys­tems con­trol 3 doors or less, but expan­sion capac­i­ty can exceed 100 doors.

  • What is access control?

    Access con­trol is an entry sys­tem that enables an insti­tu­tion or busi­ness to con­trol access to the pro­tect­ed facil­i­ty. Access can be lim­it­ed, con­trolled and record­ed at spe­cif­ic times to cer­tain areas of a build­ing.

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