Business Security Audit Services Toronto and GTA
Business Security Audit Services Toronto

Have you ever considered allowing a professional Security Consultant to do an extensive audit of security vulnerabilities of your location? Have you considered all your potential security breaches and what they could cost your company?

Commercial security can be very different than protecting your home. Theft in a home almost always comes from an outsider “breaking” their way into your home. In a commercial setting, your risks also come from within. Let our Security Experts show you how to monitor the activity of employees and visitors. Find out how to limit access to different parts of your business, like file rooms, server rooms, etc. based on credentials and schedule. Learn how you can be notified if an essential asset like a drawer, computer, or artwork is moved. A PROTECTION PLUS® system enables you to monitor your business 24/7/365 from your smartphone with video live-streaming and email alerts. Receive regular reports with time and date stamps of every time your employees access your alarm system and specific doors and rooms plus much more.

A trained PROTECTION PLUS Security Expert will do an in-depth Security Audit to analyze your unique security requirements based on the conditions inside and outside your business, as well as your needs and budget. Your security can be augmented as much or as little as you require, using any number of our products and services:

Based on our findings, a number of options will be presented to you. Consult with our Security Experts to decide which option is best for you.

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