Entry Systems & Business Intercoms Toronto
Entry Systems & Business Intercoms Toronto

Entry Systems

Are you looking to provide added security to your building with multiple units or tenants? Or is it time to upgrade an old, outdated system?.

PROTECTION PLUS® offers intercom solutions for multi-unit buildings. If your building shares an entrance with other businesses, door stations with multiple call buttons and intercoms are available..

Providing an efficient and modern door access system impacts the lives of your tenants and guests every day. Consequently, it’s essential to have reliable and user-friendly solutions that work for you day in and day out. At PROTECTION PLUS, we can provide various solutions, including intercoms with dialers to call tenants for permission to enter. Add Security cameras, and you now have video verification. When your tenants feel safer, tenant turnover is reduced, and property values increase.

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Comelit’s VIP system is the most innovative and versatile solution for today’s video-entry phone systems. Ideal for newly-installed systems, the system can serve a virtually unlimited number of users conducting simultaneous conversations without being limited to specific distances. The VIP system allows users to effectively manage and access their systems via smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, LAN, or with mobile 3G technology. The Comelit Intercall App allows users to answer calls wherever they are, view and manage remote cameras, place intercom calls via the directory, call to other app-enabled devices, and manage gate/door opening. Whether the user is in the garden, by the pool, in another building or even overseas, the system is accessible.

The VIP Intercall App is available (for free) for iOS and Android. Depending on bandwidth limitations, the system can serve multiple devices.

Using the Comelit VIP technology, all users can communicate with each other using their internal stations. When a user is unavailable, video intercom calls can be diverted directly to a mobile phone. The name directory can also be inserted and updated remotely.

Ask us about an on-site consultation to determine the best way to provide a workable solution.

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Commercial Intercoms

Workplace safety and security is a growing concern for many business owners. With a highly competitive climate and slim profit margins, businesses must look at every avenue to protect assets, employees and inventory. Vandalism is also an expensive recurring problem for businesses and landlords.

If you currently operate an open-door policy, anyone can walk into your building without the authority to do so. There are two main risks of unauthorized people entering your place of business. They might be unaware of security or safety procedures, and therefore could be at risk in an emergency, or they might pose a direct threat to your place of work or employees. If you’re unaware of who is in your building at any time, then it can in no way be considered secure.

Commercial Intercoms

To businesses prevent unauthorized entry by choosing to add door security hardware. An intercom system you will allow you to give access to any visitors, and be aware who has come into the building. An added feature is an electric door release, allowing you to buzz people in after identification. This also reduces the need for a receptionist to be at the front of the building at all times. Once inside, the visitor can be greeted and shown around.

Some intercom systems rely purely on audio, while others also incorporate video. Both types are useful, and if the cost is a significant factor, then an audio system might be better for you. Video can be beneficial as it can be recorded and used in conjunction with CCTV footage to identify visitors, and most importantly, anyone who should and shouldn’t be in the building.

The intercom can be a simple one door one interior station solution for small offices or storefronts. Other options for more complex applications are available.

PROTECTION PLUS in Toronto can provide you with the scale of the Intercom system that meets your needs and budget.

At PROTECTION PLUS, we can provide comprehensive solutions using quality brands like Mircom, Aiphone, Comelit, Optex and more.