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Shopping for Locks is challenging. Big box stores have entire aisles filled with a wide variety of security door locks Toronto. How does the consumer know what a good value lock with adequate security features is?


A little knowledge can go a long way. Here is a quick education of the primary language of the Lock Industry.

  • Key Control takes security to another level. The ability to control who can duplicate a key is an important step forward in security. At times we all lend out keys, perhaps to a neighbour or contractor. With Key Control, only an authorized person with I.D. will be able to duplicate the key, and only from an authorized dealer, not the corner store. Key Control can stop unauthorized key duplication. A master key system allows for a Master Key that can open all locks while limiting access to others door by door, lock by lock. This is an excellent solution for homes where perhaps a cleaning service gets access to a side door but not the home office. Or where there is a tenant or Granny flat situation. A Master key can provide full access, but secondary keys are limited to specific doors and locks of your choosing.
  • Check your local fire code for restrictions. We get plenty of requests for deadbolts that are keyed both sides. In the event of a fire, do you want to make it difficult to exit? This is an example of what is not permitted in some jurisdictions; our Locksmith and consultants can assist you in ensuring you adhere to local bylaws and safety regulations.

Door Locks and Cylinders. Mul-T-Lock’s door lock family also includes Mortise Locks, Knob & Lever Cylindrical Locks, and Jimmy-Proof Locks, all of which include Mul-T-Lock’s patented cylinder and are designed to offer a complete high-security package.

Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts

Deadbolts: The unique Hercular® Deadbolt has spearheaded Mul-T-Lock’s line of high-security door locks. Utilizing superior strength and ease of installation, the Hercular® Deadbolt has set new standards in high-security locking. The Hercular® deadbolt is constructed of solid brass and hardened steel and is recognized by many as the best deadbolt on the market today. Ask us about our “Captive” line of deadbolts that may meet your need for a double cylinder lock while adhering to fire code.

The Cronus provides a lower-cost alternative, with a good quality Grade 2 lock, also compatible with Mul-T-Lock’s key control features. Mix and match the Cronus and Hercular as needed and still use the same key to open them. Ask our consultant about the best fit for your application and budget.

Cylinders: Already have good quality door locks or padlocks? Have you just moved into a new building with good quality locks but you need to ensure there are no unauthorized keys out there? Ask us about increasing your security by installing new High-Security Mul-T-Lock Cylinders that are drill, bump and pick resistant, and offer Key Control. Mortise, Rim, and Key in Knob Cylinders headline Mul-T-Lock’s comprehensive line of retrofit solutions. Available for a wide range of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and International locksets, each is designed to offer affordable upgrade to pick, drill and bump resistance, as well as patented, restricted Key Control to almost any existing lockset. Also, Mul-T-Lock carries Large Format Interchangeable Cores, Mogul Cylinders, and a variety of Profile Cylinders to fit multiple applications.

Mul-T-Lock Cylinders
Mul-T-Lock Passage sets

Passage sets: Looking for more secure solutions for interior door locks in your home or office? Knob or lever sets are available. Do you need to switch to Lever sets to meet upcoming Accessibility regulations? Looking to expand your Key Control to interior doors? We can help!

Padlocks: An often overlooked security weakness is the use of Padlocks. Padlocks often protect and control access to valuable items ranging from Bar fridges, garages, equipment rooms and tool sheds. Yet often are purchased with little thought to security from the local department store. Mul-T-Lock’s various padlock lines are world renown and recognized by many institutions. Whether it’s the weather resistance of the G-Series Line, the familiarity of our T-Series Line, the versatility of the C-Series Line, or the brute strength of our robust E-Series Line, Mul-T-Lock carries the best solution for almost any padlock application.

Mul-T-Lock Padlocks

Let us add a Mul-T-Lock cylinder to your existing good quality padlock to create Key Control and Pick, bump, and drill resistance. Or ask us about purchasing quality padlocks.

Is a Digital (keyless) Lock the right solution for your Home? They have strengths and weaknesses.

Drawbacks to digital locks

  • From a security point of view using pin #’s on an access system is the weakest link in the system. Pin #’s can easily be shared by people or somebody looking over a shoulder can see somebody entering their code. This creates the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • While the units today are far superior to predecessors of only a few years ago, they are still dependent on batteries. Battery failure means the digital component of the lock no longer functions until the batteries are replaced.
  • Some units that boast full automation (hands-free) have motorized locking mechanisms. In Canada, with dramatic temperature and humidity changes, the fit of a door will also change as doors, frames, weather stripping swells and contracts. When a door becomes tight in the frame, it may not close fully; the motorized lock may become stuck, burn out, or be unable to lock the door. We recommend electronic locks that still require a manual mechanical thumb turn.
Residential Digital Locks
Residential Digital (keyless) Locks may be a solution for your home. They do provide solutions for many circumstances and can be attractive. Ask us about digital solutions, with or without remote electronic access. For example, the Schlage; Kaba E-plex series offers a quality solution designed to work in the Canadian climate with significant variances in temperature. The digital lock provides an alternative to electronic access control in instances where wiring or power is difficult to attain. And in many cases, these digital locks can be incorporated with our Honeywell Total Connect smart monitoring serves.