Patio Door Lock Systems

PROTECTION PLUS® now offers Patio door locks to increase your safety and security. A burglar often views a Patio Door as an easy and fast way into your home. Most Patio Doors look attractive but are generally equipped with poor-fitting plastic locks. The doors are also prone to be easily lifted out of their sliding tracks and thus removed. While the old hockey stick placement may help secure the poor-quality lock, it won’t prevent the door from being lifted out of the frame.

The “Charley Bar” provides cost-effective protection for your home against forced entry. This simple yet effective device keeps patio doors from being “jimmied” open by intruders. Charley-Bars are easy to install and give years of reliable service. This patio door lock is typically set in the middle of the doorframe as an alternative to a broom handle or hockey stick. This is easy to see and may deter an intruder.

It also adds another barrier to toddlers that have learned how to operate doors.

Patio Door Locks

Another great alternative is the new PROTECTION PLUS Patio Door Double-Bolt Lock.

Patio Door Lock Systems

The PROTECTION PLUS Double-Bolt Lock works by securing the door to the frame at two security points and preventing door movement. With its double-locking action, the PROTECTION PLUS Double-Bolt Lock makes it virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting it off its track. The CAL Double Bolt Lock can be used as a secondary or primary locking system on glass sliding doors. The lock can be mounted above the original door lock to be out of children’s reach or below the original lock to be within children’s reach. The lock can also be used as a replacement for the manufacturer’s lock.

The PROTECTION PLUS Double-Bolt Lock fits on most sliding patio doors.

A third option to secure is the Patio Door Lock by Door Guardian. This lock provides peace of mind by being an easy-to-use, cost-effective safety solution. The Patio Guardian provides an easy childproofing solution to keep loved ones safe. The three most common means of entering a locked patio door are prying, lifting, and breaking glass. This lock helps protect against those by installing patio doors with a fixed door outside and a sliding door inside.