Patio Door Lock Systems

PROTECTION PLUS® now offers Patio door locks to increase your safe­ty and secu­ri­ty. A bur­glar often views a Patio Door as an easy and fast way into your home. Most Patio Doors look attrac­tive but are gen­er­al­ly equipped with poor fit­ting plas­tic locks. The doors are also prone to be eas­i­ly lift­ed out of their slid­ing tracks and thus removed. While the place­ment of the old hock­ey stick may help secure the poor qual­i­ty lock, it won’t pre­vent the door from being lift­ed out the frame.

The “Charley Bar” pro­vides cost effec­tive pro­tec­tion for your home against forced entry through your slid­ing glass door with the Charley-Bar safe­ty lock. This sim­ple, yet effec­tive device keeps patio doors from being “jim­mied” open by intrud­ers. Charley-Bars are easy to install, and give years of reli­able ser­vice. An alter­na­tive to a broom han­dle or hock­ey stick, this patio door lock is typ­i­cal­ly set in the mid­dle of the door which makes it easy to see, and may deter an intrud­er.

It also adds anoth­er bar­ri­er to tod­dlers that have learned how to oper­ate doors. 

Patio Door Locks

Anoth­er great alter­na­tive to a pole lock is the new PROTECTION PLUS Patio Door Dou­ble-Bolt Lock.

Patio Door Lock Systems

The PROTECTION PLUS Dou­ble-Bolt Lock works by secur­ing the door to the frame at 2 secu­ri­ty points and pre­vent­ing any move­ment of the door. With its dou­ble lock­ing action the PROTECTION PLUS Dou­ble-Bolt Lock makes it vir­tu­al­ly impos­si­ble to remove the door by lift­ing it off its track. The CAL Dou­ble Bolt Lock can be used as a sec­ondary or pri­ma­ry lock­ing sys­tem on glass slid­ing doors. The lock can be mount­ed above the orig­i­nal door lock to be out of children’s reach or below the orig­i­nal lock to be with in children’s reach. The lock can also be used as a replace­ment for the manufacturer’s lock.

The PROTECTION PLUS Dou­ble-Bolt Lock fits on most slid­ing patio doors.

A third option to secure you patio door is the Patio Door Lock by Door Guardian. This lock pro­vides peace of mind by being an easy-to-use, cost effec­tive safe­ty solu­tion. The Patio Guardian also pro­vides an easy child­proof­ing solu­tion to keep loved ones safe. With the three most com­mon means of enter­ing a locked patio door being pry­ing, lift­ing, and break­ing of glass, this lock helps pro­tect against those by installing on patio doors with the fixed door on the out­side and the slid­ing door on the inside.