Door Frame Reinforcement

Door frames are often a weak link in securing your home. Door frame material in many new build homes is often from low-grade wood products including MDF, which is okay for appearances but offers little in structural strength. A typical grade 2 or grade 3 lock installed by a builder or handyman will use the door strike plate supplied with the lock. The standard strike plate is usually less than 2 inches long, and the standard screws are ¾ of an inch. PROTECTION PLUS® can help with door reinforcement.

Consequently, a quick kick to the door or use of small pry bar will often see the door easily open by ripping through the weak strike plate. Our lock experts and locksmith can offer you upgrades to your door frame. An expensive and secure door will provide little protection if the inherent weakness of the frame is not addressed. Ask us about longer strike plates that adhere to more of the door frame, and longer hardened screws that no only attach to the door frame but the wall studs.

Door Strikes