Door Reinforcement & Door Frame Reinforcement

Door Frame Reinforcement

PROTECTION PLUS® is here to protect your home or business with cost-effective solutions that create a strong barrier against intruders. Our PROTECTION PLUS® door and door frame reinforcement installations and patio door security options can be just what you need to keep intruders out. Let our security experts offer additional security to protect you and your property.

What is Door Reinforcement & Door Frame Reinforcement?

There are several types of door reinforcement products the PROTECTION PLUS® team offers, including:

  • Safe Door Systems: The Safe Door System reinforces your doors, frames, and locks, offering ten times as much strength against forced entry than a lock alone. This system is affixed to the edge of the door to prevent the lock from giving should someone try to kick the door to gain access.
  • Door Guardian: The Door Guardian is designed to work on inward swinging exterior doors, including French or garden-style patio doors. This unique lock is hinged and affixed to the frame of the door. It makes it almost impossible to pry the door open or access the home through forced entry while offering a “childproof” security lock to keep kids safe inside. Affixed with three-inch screws, the Guardian is secured into the door jamb studs for extra sturdy protection.
  • Window Guardian: The Window Guardian features a new, patented lock design using a removable “pushpin” to keep the window in place. It is strong enough to resist forced entry yet allows you to open them to let in a breeze. The pin also makes the windows child-proof, allowing you to adjust the level when the window is open to keep children safely inside.
  • Strike Plates: Most doors have a strike plate that reinforces your door latch and lock. However, standard strike plates are too small and installed with short screws that can’t stand up to forced entry. Our security plates are longer and thicker and installed with longer screws to secure them into the studs. As a result, you have a more robust plate to withstand all kinds of forced entry, such as prying, kick-ins, and jamb spreading.
  • Charley Bar: The “Charley Bar” is designed for sliding glass doors. They sit on the track, making it impossible to force the door to slide open. They can also be placed higher up to provide a visual deterrent to intruders.
  • Double-Bolt Lock: The PROTECTION PLUS Double-Bolt Lock makes it virtually impossible to lift a sliding glass door off its track. It can be used as a secondary or primary locking system mounted above the original door lock providing an effective child-proofing solution.

Our security experts can assess your home and recommend what reinforcements you need to keep you safe.

Door Frame Reinforcement

Why You Need Door and Door Frame Reinforcement

Most homeowners are unaware their door frames are a weak link in securing their homes. Door frame materials in many new homes are not always strong enough to withstand forced entry as they are made from low-grade wood products such as MDF. As well, builders use standard locks with inferior door strike plates that are less than 2 inches long and installed with standard ¾-inch screws. These little details make the strike plate extremely flimsy and barely strong enough to withstand even a slight jolt.

At PROTECTION PLUS®, we offer door reinforcements that substantially improve the strength and integrity of your door, door frame, and locks. Burglars can enter a surprising number of homes with nothing more than a quick kick or bar to pry open the door or rip off the small strike plate.

Our lock experts and locksmiths provide effective upgrades that offer even more strength than investing in an entire front door replacement. We overcome all the inherent weaknesses of the door frame not addressed by a new door installation. Using longer, stronger screws inserted directly into the studs is the only way to improve door frame strength to protect you and your family from intruders.


Whether you require reinforcements, a new security system, or something in between, we offer advice on the products that keep you safe. We believe in customized solutions suited to the level of security you desire, so we always stay within your budget. We can assist with any of the following security products and services:

  • Security window film
  • Home alarm system
  • Locksmith service Toronto
  • Video alarm verification
  • Automatic door opener
  • Security cameras
  • Home security system
  • Commercial security bars
  • Alarm systems Toronto
  • Wireless security systems

Our home security solutions are provided following a free security assessment so we can explain the vulnerabilities specific to your home. In addition, our team will explain why we recommend each element of your customized security packages so you can make an informed decision.

Contact our team to set up a free security assessment to find cost-effective solutions that improve your home security. We are your Toronto home security experts offering customized solutions to keep you and your family safe and sound.