Business Exit Door Hardware Solutions

Why should you be interested in exit hardware? In a business setting, regulations vary depending on the size of the building, the number of employees, and the jurisdiction. Using properly functioning door exit hardware can make you legally compliant with insurance, fire and building codes. It can also increase the security of your building and your employees. Inventory shrinkage can often be attributed to a lack of controls on doors. If a backdoor is left propped open, and nobody knows, anybody can come in and help themselves. PROTECTION PLUS® staff are licensed, certified and experienced in Exit Hardware installations.

Commercial exit or “panic” bars will help your business comply with fire regulations. You may be required to have available exits from your company. Ask us about how to meet the code while keeping your premises secure. Ask about our assortment of exit or “panic” bars for your business. (with or without an alarm) Exit bars can work with various entry options, from always locked to electronic access or essential control.

Business Exit Door Hardware Solutions

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Door opening and Door Prop Alarms

Doors can only offer security if they are closed. If your facility has doors prone to being propped open or used as unauthorized exit/ entry points, you may have a security problem. Ask us about installing door alarms that alert you if a door opens or remains open.

Door opening and Door Prop Alarms 1
Door opening and Door Prop Alarms 2