Business Electric Door Strikes

What is an electric door strike? They allow a door to remain locked to public access (usually on the exterior side of the Door). However, the Door may still be opened quickly and easily from the inside without using a key. Why is this important for your business? It is necessary for access control and Intercom systems with door release capability. It may also be needed for Handicapped access bathrooms etc. They come in a variety of styles to meet many different door configurations.

Connected to a power supply, electric strikes replace a standard door strike. When it is activated, it releases the latch, unlocking the Door. Electric strike locks remain locked from the outside at all times. The Door closes behind you and automatically returns to a locked position.

A door strike provides automatic or remote unlocking of a secure door. When door strikes aren’t activated, they fail to secure the Door, resulting in the Door remaining locked. DC-powered door strikes can be easily unlocked by clicking. Starting an AC-powered door strike will cause it to buzz quite loudly. For metal doors, wood doors, thin or thick frames, and a variety of deadbolts or locks, door strikes are available.

 How do electric strikes and magnetic locks differ?


A magnetic lock (maglock) differs primarily from an electric strike lock (door strike)—of the amount of power they require. A maglock is fail-safe, whereas an electric strike is generally not fail-secure. In other words: Magnetic locks require the ability to lock the Door, whereas electronic locks require the authority to unlock the Door.   


Ask your PROTECTION PLUS® specialist for more information on installing electric door strikes.

Business Electric Door Strikes Business Electric Door Strikes

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