All locks are not created equal! Introducing Mul-T-Lock!

Your house is cutting edge… you have the latest greatest I-Pad, your new Mac book has the best virus protection money can buy. Your I-phone is fingerprint protected. For your anniversary you got the 70 inch LED Ultra HD flat screen, and your alarm system was upgraded last year. But when was the last time you had a hard look at your locks, your first line of defence against a burglary?


Here are 5 things you should consider:

1) Key control
When was the last time you took inventory of who has keys to your home? Is there really any way of knowing? With conventional locks no, but with a Mul-T-Lock high security lock, we can help. Let us introduce to a “secure keyway”. Imagine a key that cannot be duplicated at the local shoe store, but only buys an authorized locksmith and only with I.D. proving you are the home owner? Yes, we can do that for you. In fact, we recommend it!

2) Build quality
The old saying: “you get what you pay for” is perhaps never more accurate than when comparing locks. The $20 big box store lock set may look good in the package but offer little in the way of quality construction materials and technology. Mul-T-Lock features state of the art engineering, no nylon or tin components, only hardened steel and brass, nickel and silver. Talk to us about a lock that doesn’t fall apart with the first kick at the door.

3) Standards
Mul-T-Lock door locks go through rigorous testing to be awarded the highest security ratings including the coveted UL437 – pick and drill resistance. The UL – Fire rated bolt. And conforming to a true ANSI GRADE 1 rating. A big box store lock is barely a grade 3.

4) Keys
Mul-T-Lock offers a truly unique key constructed from durable nickel and silver. The key can be cut on both sides…have one side for your home the other for our office with simple colour coding to identify which side opens which lock.

5) Flexibility
Only Mul-T-Lock can offer you a “3 in 1” key solution for your locks. Want to avoid a locksmith charge to rekey your locks in the event a key is lost? With the 3 in 1, you can do a re-key yourself twice! Ask us how! multlock-decorative
We often take our locks for granted, we use them multiple times each day and the turn of key makes us feel more secure. But be sure that all locks are not equal; call one of our specialists to talk about how we can strengthen your first line of defence. To learn more about Mul-T-Lock, call us today.

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