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The Benefits of Investing in Security Systems for Your...

Business security systems are beneficial for running a business from home or commercial property. Small businesses across Canada rely on security to protect against theft, cybercriminals, and more. At Protection Plus, we pride ourselves on being a Canadian company focused on local companies.

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5 Things Burglars Look for in a Home

How do burglars choose which homes to break into? Is it random? Do they choose the first house they see on the street? Nope - most burglaries are not random at all.

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How to Protect Your Home With Residential Video Alarm...

Whether you live in a single-family residence or an apartment, your number one priority for your home is to protect it. That includes protecting your belongings, the residence itself and, most importantly, the people in it.

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Shoplifting: The Cost to Your Retail Business and What to...

Many times, shoplifting is dismissed as merely “the cost of doing business”. But, with slim profit margins, shoplifting can be the difference between being profitable or not. In the U.S. in 2016 the average inventory shrink rate increased to 1.44%.

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Business Security and What You Need to Know

We heard it again yesterday. A company manager caught by surprise that their business had been hit by a robbery. Now the work begins to recover from the loss and to look at business security. Sadly, theft and robberies happen all the time…but how often could it have been prevented?

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