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What is Premium Guard Response and What Does It Mean for...

One of the greatest benefits of a monitored home security system is knowing that help will be on the way when your alarm is triggered, even if you’re away from home, asleep or unable to call 9-1-1. When an alarm is triggered, professionally trained operators will dispatch police.

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5 Ways Your Alarm System Can Track Business Activity for...

A conventional business security system provides essential protection against break-ins, burglaries, environmental hazards and other threats. But in many industries, today’s businesses need greater insight into what’s happening at their facilities to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

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How to Secure Valuables at Your Retail Shop

Retail shops are especially vulnerable to theft due to the nature of their businesses. If a shop sells valuable items – notably smaller, easily concealed goods, such as jewellery, clothing or medical products –it naturally becomes a target for thieves.

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Easier Ways to Check in on Your Kids When You’re...

One of the greatest sources of concern for any parent is not knowing where their children are. Did they arrive home from school? Are they safe? What about the babysitter – is everything okay? For working parents especially, keeping track of school-age children during the day can be stressful.

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Important Police Tips for Business Security & Safety

Businesses face a wide variety of threats, including break-ins, vandalism, fraud and theft (both internal and external). Deploying the right layers of business security is essential for preventing these incidents and keeping the premises safe.

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