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5 Ways a Security System can Protect Your Business

A top-tier security system is a smart investment for any business, as it can provide several unique layers of protection over your operations, employees and products. Let's look at some of the most important ways a security system can protect your business.

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How to Prevent Theft at Your Business

More than 87% of independently owned retail stores in Canada have experienced theft, according to figures from Federated Insurance. Authorities say this amounts to more than $4.6 billion in stolen goods a year.

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Police Say These 6 Home Security Tips are Critical

At PROTECTION PLUS, we often share important home security tips in our blog and across our website. These tips are designed to help homeowners protect themselves, their families and their homes from threats like burglary, intrusion and fire. But don't just take our word for it.

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Security Bars vs. Window Film: Which is Best for Your...

When it comes to protecting your business from intrusion, theft, and vandalism, there are several options that can provide the security you need. Aside from a business security system, window film and security bars are two excellent deterrents.

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Why Burglars Might be Targeting Your Home

Most burglars do not choose their targets at random. They look for homes with specific traits that signify a lower risk of getting caught and/or a greater chance of scoring a bigger bounty.

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