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Prevent False Alarms

What is a false Alarm?   Anytime a monitoring station receives an alarm signal that is caused by user error, accident, or a malfunction, it is considered a false alarm. If it cannot be verified by the operator it can result in a “Dispatch” of the authorities.

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Say No to Door knockers!

Winter generally means home owners get a reprieve from the barrage of Door to Door marketer’s aka Door knockers, that interrupt evenings with offers to replace Hot Water Tanks, sell cheaper energy or provide Free Alarm Systems.

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Crime Proof Home

I hear people comment everyday that they feel safe in their neighbourhood…. This of course stops abruptly when a break-in occurs.  The feeling of security and peace of mind is shattered, and very difficult to restore.

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Preparing for a Safe Move.

Moving? A few tips to help! Most of us at some point in our lives will have to pack up our belongings and MOVE! Those of us that have tackled a move know that it can be a time of great stress.

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At this time of year it seems that every morning the news reports are about a fire and devastating injuries, and loss.  Here are some tips and recommendations on fire prevention and what to do if one starts.

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