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Can I Use a Home Security System if I Have Pets?

A common misconception about home security systems is that they aren’t ideal in homes with pets. Some people mistakenly assume that their dogs or cats will accidentally trigger the alarm. But this is simply not true – for several reasons.

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5 Ways to Prevent Package Theft from Your Doorstep

33% of surveyed Canadians have had a package stolen, according to recent figures from FedEx – and those numbers have been rising every year. In the United States, the rates of package theft are even higher, with more than 210 million packages stolen in 2021.

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4 Vulnerabilities that a Business Security Audit Can...

Is your business as secure as you think it is? Without a thorough business security audit, you may not realize that your business is at risk.

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Why Police Respond to Video Alarm Systems up to 85% Faster

Here’s a compelling statistic: the police respond to verified alarms up to 85% faster.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Home Security System

It's no secret that a home security system helps to keep you and your loved ones safe. But aside from the most obvious benefit of keeping bad guys at bay, many homeowners do not realize all the different ways that an alarm system provides protection.

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