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Security Mistakes that Actually Attract Burglars

Sometimes just by leaving the house for a few minutes, you are giving burglars the chance to rob you. You may think there’s no need to put on your alarm system because you’re simply running to the store, but in the mind of a burglar, you’re simply creating an easy target.

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How to Secure your Website from Being Hacked

If you’ve had the misfortune of having your website hacked you know all too well the destruction a single hacker can cause. Hackers are more than information thieves; they can ruin your company, target your customers, and create irreparable damage.

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Home Security to Help People with Dementia

A disease like dementia makes it hard for those who suffer from it to function as they once did. Dementia wreaks havoc on a person’s memory, turning their familiar surroundings into the unknown.

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Five Security Measures your Business should be Taking

Keeping your business safe is no easy feat. Besides protecting your website from hackers, there are physical and online measures you can take to ensure your business is safe.

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