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Can Security Window Film Make Your Home More Secure?

You can invest in solid wood or metal doors and add a deadbolt to ensure that a burglar won’t be able to kick your door in and gain access, but if your windows are not well secured, you might as well leave your doors wide open inviting all the neighbourhood thieves to come in and help themselves...

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How To Secure Your Home While Travelling

You’re finally going away on your well-deserved vacation! To ensure that you enjoy every single minute of it and not worry about what may happen to your house while you are away, consider the following ways to safeguard your house.

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7 Tips For Making Your Home Look Occupied

Making your house look occupied is one of the most effective ways to keep thieves and burglars away. These petty criminals are always on the lookout for an easy prey and having to deal with who knows how many people in the house is a huge deterrent for them.

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How To Make Your House Less Desirable To Thieves

Ever wondered what thieves look for when they case a neighbourhood for an easy target? Most likely it will be an empty house with weak and unprotected entry points that are out of general sight.

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