Business security systems are beneficial for running a business from home or commercial property. Small businesses across Canada rely on security to protect against theft, cybercriminals, and more.

At Protection Plus, we pride ourselves on being a Canadian company focused on local companies.

Being a small business doesn’t preclude you from security threats. In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, small businesses are more likely to be targeted for cybercrime.

This article will discuss the benefits of investing in small business security systems and how they work.

More Efficient Business Practices

It might be a surprise to learn that business security systems do more than guard your property against theft. Access control systems are touchless, wireless, and cloud-based. The system allows access from anywhere you go with a simple app.

This provides a phenomenal advancement in retail, improving the bottom line and turnover rates with streamlined schedule management. Staff can access your property without additional training for keyholding or the requirement of supervising staff.

You can unlock and lock the doors to your business with the touch of a button. Remote access control also transfers to internal systems like your thermostat.

Thus, you can turn the A/C on or off and set temperature controls from anywhere.

A Safer Workplace for Your Employees

Your business security system observes potential threats from the outside and monitors the inside of your business during work hours.

Therefore, you can keep tabs on employee performance and spot problem areas before accidents occur.

Video recordings of on-site slip-and-fall injuries can also help you better understand the safety needs of your small business. This protects you as an employer against fraudulent claims by employees.

Your legal team can use all video surveillance footage if you need to go to court. This is highly beneficial in a conflict where it’s challenging to prove who is in the right.

Reduced Need for On-Site Security Means Fewer Costs

While some small businesses retain on-site security during off-hours, you can cut these costs with business security systems.

At Protection Plus, for example, our business security systems include a variety of features to:

  • Record intruders/loiterers
  • Send video directly to you if an alarm is activated
  • Send alerts if a door or window is opened
  • Alert you if doors or windows are left open after closing

Investing in a full-service business security system can customize your plan to fit your business. Our system offers options for around-the-clock surveillance. Your property will be monitored remotely, notifying you during a security breach.

Monitoring and Reducing Inventory Theft

Many business owners worry about the threat of an after-hours visitor robbing or vandalizing property. However, there are also risks inside your business.

Pty theft is a common problem for retail services and small businesses with products for sale. Interior security cameras help monitor shoppers and other people coming and going. This keeps you in the know about missing products.

You can also discern sensitive areas of your business by watching your security footage. This raises questions like:

  • Are there dark corners where it’s easier to conceal things?
  • Are the racks in the back blocking your view of the bathroom?
  • Could internal security be improved with more floor walkers?
  • Do I need a greeter?
  • Are staff distracted during shoplifting incidents, and should I hire more employees?

Ultimately, understanding the weaknesses of your small business lets you better protect yourself against threats and loss.

Potentially Discounted Insurance Rates

When you apply for business insurance, your insurance provider looks at various factors.

One of these factors is security and past performance in security and theft. Are you a liability as a business insurance customer? This is what your insurer wants to know.

Business security systems protect you and your insurer against loss. This makes insurance companies happy and could impact your premiums. Speak with your insurance carrier about the security system’s role in your insurance costs.

A Crime Deterrent

Criminals are less likely to target a small business where a security system is evident, primarily if the security system features cameras. Why? Because security footage can be used to prosecute.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, CCTV security systems impact crime prevention. Your business may become less of a target if cameras are visible vs a nearby business with no security system.

Working proactively to reduce crime is better for your bottom line than dealing with crime as it happens.

Avoid break-ins and vandalism by taking steps to protect your small business and everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Protection Against Storm Damage

Floods, fires, and other disasters happen no matter how safe your business is.

A full-service security system lets you keep tabs on these potential issues with real-time access to video feeds and remote alerts from fire and Co2 alarms.

If these warnings come early, there is a potentially larger window for saving products and inventory.

A business without a remote signal of a flood in the shop basement could lose thousands of products before realizing there was a leak. On the other hand, early detection allows for quick action.

Security surveillance also helps prove your case if there is an insurance dispute. If your insurance covers floods, but your insurer isn’t convinced a flood caused damage to your shop, you can provide recorded evidence of the event.

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As we serve new clients, one of the ways we support small businesses is through a business security audit. An audit of current risk factors, weak points, and security systems helps us customize products and services based on your needs.

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