Too often, business owners and building managers fail to recognize how their lax security processes increase their risk for burglary and theft.

But what exactly makes a business a target for these crimes? What are thieves looking for, and why do they go after certain types of buildings while avoiding others completely?

In most cases, commercial theft is not random. Savvy burglars and thieves are looking for businesses that allow them to commit their crimes without being caught. It’s that simple. Here are 4 things they look for:

1) A lack of security cameras

Lack of security cameras

A lack of business security cameras is like an open invitation for people to steal from you. And unfortunately, that applies to your own employees too.

In retail businesses especially, security cameras are extremely important for deterring theft and also capturing crimes when they occur. The presence of cameras alone will make would-be thieves think twice about committing theft. And if any merchandise does go missing, you’ll have the video footage to see what happened to it.

2) Visible cash or valuables

Visible cash and valuablesLet’s face it – it’s all about the money.

When it comes to the burglary of businesses, thieves are looking for the biggest scores possible. As such, they are more likely to target businesses that have lots of cash on hand or other valuables.

Cash and valuables may be part of your everyday operations. But that doesn’t mean criminals should have access to them. Businesses that deal with valuable assets must use extremely tight security protocols to keep these assets out of sight and out of reach. For example, consider the use of heavy-duty safes, secure display cases and hidden and/or guarded transfers of cash.

If your cash and valuables are openly visible to customers throughout the day, even just for a few seconds each time, then your business is likely already a target.

3) Unsecure secondary entryways

Unsecure entrywaysWhy enter through the front door when the rear entryway is less visible and also unsecure?

Secondary entryways, like an unlocked back door, are a prime target for burglars. And since many shops and restaurants keep their cash stored in back offices anyway, the rear doors provide a more direct route to the loot. This is why it’s vital for businesses to keep all secondary entryways locked and monitored.

For greater security, consider using access control systems to allow access to only authorized personnel through secondary entryways or other areas of your business.

4) Poor lighting or other obstructions

Poor LightingRemember: the most important goal behind a burglary—besides the theft itself—is avoiding detection. We already mentioned how a lack of security cameras can increase the risk of crime. But thieves are also looking for dimly lit or hidden areas of your business where employees and cameras can’t capture their actions.

Even with high-quality cameras in place, you want to be sure your business has no blind spots. Make sure all sections are well lit and unobstructed, so that your cameras and/or employees can see everything.

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