What happens when someone breaks into your home?

If there is no alarm system installed, then burglars will have virtually free access to enter your property undetected and take whatever they want – especially if nobody is there to stop them. But don’t assume that all home security systems will stop these crimes from happening.

With an ALARM-i Video Alarm Verification system, you can be sure that you’ll receive the swift response you need whenever an alarm event occurs.

In this blog post, we explore 4 key benefits of ALARM-i and how it works.

1) 85% faster police response

Faster police responseIf you want police to respond to your alarm, then you need video alarm verification.

In 2018, Toronto police implemented a new rule that they would not respond to alarms without “confirmation of criminal activity or a threat to personal safety.” The rule was implemented to prioritize police response to the most urgent events, since 97% of home security activations are false alarms.

ALARM-i provides video verification of all alarm events. It captures what caused the alarm and instantly sends those video clips to monitoring-center dispatchers who swiftly alert the authorities.

As a result, police response to ALARM-i alarms is up to 85% faster, according to figures from the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR).

2) Over 50% arrest rate

High burglar arrest ratesIn many cases, the audible alarm from an ALARM-i system will be enough to scare a burglar off. But in some cases, burglars may be emboldened if they think nobody is home.

This is another reason why the fast police response is so important. With ALARM-i, police have verification that a crime is in progress and the culprits may still be on site. In fact, video verification produces an arrest rate of more than 50%, compared to just 0.08% for “blind” home security systems, according to PPVAR.

A higher arrest rate means that there’s a much greater chance that police will be able to stop the crime in progress, preventing your belongings from being stolen or damaged.

3) Video evidence

Video evidence

Remember that ALARM-i captures the entirety of each alarm event, including the moments that preceded the alarm being triggered. This provides you with a clear video of the whole event, so you have evidence of the crime being committed, including how it was committed and by whom.

This video evidence will be extremely important for apprehending and prosecuting the intruder. Plus, the video may also be used for insurance claims.

4) Fully automated, while giving you total control

Fully automated video alarm verificationAn ALARM-i video verification system works on its own, around the clock, regardless of whether you’re traveling, asleep or away from your phone and computer. When the alarm is triggered, our alarm station operators will review the clips and act accordingly.

However, another great benefit of ALARM-i is that you have control over whether police are dispatched. When alarm events occur, you receive a notification on your phone and/or computer, along with the same video clips that our alarm station receives. You can choose to immediately disregard the event or request police response. If you do nothing, our alarm station will still review the clips independently.

This gives you complete peace of mind that any events are promptly responded to, even if you’re not able to review the footage yourself.

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