If you are still using the same mobile flip phone that was cool in 1998, you don’t need to read this post. Everybody else should take note! Alarm monitoring by a professional monitoring station has never been more important with our incredibly busy lifestyles. But now that experience can be enhanced and made even more effective. Introducing Smart Home Monitoring using your mobile phone! Here are 5 reasons you should consider it.


1. Convenience is king! Never have to turn the car around to go back to the office or home to check if the alarm is on. Just pick up your phone and hit the App…and a virtual keypad is at your fingertips.

2. Instant notifications. You no longer have to wonder if the dog walker or cleaning service showed up…or if the kids are skipping school. Get instant notifications directly to your device every time specific codes are used.

3. Event notifications. Never worry about missed phone calls from the Monitoring Station, you will get notifications on alarms directly to your device.

4. Landlines not required. When you switch to Smart Monitoring you change to either an I.P. or cellular platform. So if you have been maintaining that costly landline for the sake of the alarm, you can now “cut the cord” and save money while maintaining your monitoring.

5. Automation platform. With Smart Home Monitoring Systems in Toronto from PROTECTION PLUS ®, powered by Honeywell you gain a platform for home automation. If you want to integrate a thermostat, light switch, or an appliance into the same App, we can help! You can even add a camera.

PROTECTION PLUS ® makes all this easy, just contact us and we’ll help!

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