Are you won­der­ing when the next great thing is going to hap­pen with Secu­ri­ty Sys­tems? Wait no longer… Hon­ey­well Lyric is here!

Hon­ey­well Lyric is a new wire­less con­nect­ed plat­form designed to sim­pli­fy home secu­ri­ty while pro­vid­ing com­fort and aware­ness by con­trol­ling con­nect­ed home prod­ucts with a sin­gle app. indi­vid­u­al­ly, each prod­uct per­forms bril­liant­ly. Togeth­er, they’re a way to orches­trate life. (Hence the name!)

The sys­tem cen­tres around a new touch­screen Smart Con­troller, which con­nects to sev­en new devices—a key­pad, siren, glass break sen­sor, motion detec­tor, smoke detec­tor, wire­less key fob, and a secu­ri­ty cam­era. But unlike pre­vi­ous secu­ri­ty sys­tems, Hon­ey­well has thrown in addi­tion­al con­nec­tiv­i­ty fea­tures. The Hon­ey­well Lyric Secu­ri­ty Sys­tem can be con­nect­ed to your ther­mo­stat and con­trolled direct­ly from your mobile device. It can also serve as a hub for Z‑Wave devices. The Z‑Wave ele­ment is the key to home automa­tion inte­gra­tion. Now you can con­trol locks, lights, blinds, etc., from the on-site touch screen con­troller, by voice prompt, or your mobile app.

Pow­er­ful and effi­cient, the Hon­ey­well Lyric Con­troller deliv­ers a great con­nect­ed home expe­ri­ence right out of the box. It puts many of your homes’ fea­tures at your fingertips—all from one vibrant, 7‑inch dis­play. It’s intu­itive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether you con­trol the sys­tem with a tap on the touch­screen or the sound of your voice.

The con­tem­po­rary, low-pro­file design blends with any décor. With the Smart Con­troller, Hon­ey­well has attempt­ed to make its secu­ri­ty sys­tem as future-proof as pos­si­ble. It has a USB port, as well as a slot to con­tain the cel­lu­lar radios; the cel­lu­lar radios can be swapped out as new wire­less stan­dards are adopt­ed. There’s anoth­er slot for hous­ing addi­tion­al radios, should Zig­Bee, Thread, or some oth­er automa­tion pro­to­col become famil­iar.

The con­troller has a built-in cam­era that can snap pho­tos of who­ev­er is using the device. It also has a micro­phone for voice con­trol. Thanks to its built-in Z‑Wave radio, the new Lyric sys­tem will work with 40 switch­es, 6 door locks, and 6 dif­fer­ent ther­mostats, includ­ing the Hon­ey­well Lyric ther­mo­stat of course.

The Lyric’s secu­ri­ty siren has a cir­cu­lar design with a speak­er type grill pat­tern. It also has a light in its cen­tre that flash­es red when the alarm is trig­gered; green when the sys­tem has been deac­ti­vat­ed. For a sim­ple secu­ri­ty pan­el, Hon­ey­well seems to have nailed the soft­ware behind it. The touch­screen is pret­ty respon­sive, with smooth scrolling and sen­si­tive tap but­tons. The sys­tem lis­tens for the com­mand “Hel­lo, Lyric.” When it hears this, it will prompt you for a com­mand. For exam­ple, if you tell the Lyric “Wake­up,” it could dis­arm the secu­ri­ty sys­tem, turn on some lights, and unlock your front door. Of course, you would need a smart ecosys­tem of lights and locks for all that to work.

If you are ready for the next lev­el of smart elec­tron­ics in your home, Hon­ey­well is avail­able with the Lyric. PROTECTION PLUS ® will be Hap­py to install it and pro­vide mon­i­tor­ing and sup­port.

To find out more about Hon­ey­well Lyric, call us today.

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Mike Wedmann
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