We’ve been in the security business for decades now…and some advice is timeless. While technology has created some new security offerings…there is no substitute for the basics of Physical Protection. Locks are your front line of defence in keep intruders OUT! When considering security enhancements there are places where you can choose lower budget items, without increasing your vulnerability. Locks are NOT in this category.

If you recently purchased a new home or business, your keys may have been in a lockbox for weeks or longer with access to countless real estate people and contractors. You also don’t know how many keys the previous owner had cut. At the very least a rekey by a locksmith is essential.

The Big Box stores stock very attractive shiny and attractive looking locks, some even boast of keyless entry…but are they secure? Of course, any lock is better than no lock, and we encourage everyone to ALWAYS keep doors locked whether you are home or not. But as a consumer, you need to know that all locks are not created equally and that high price does not always equal high security.
We will also let you in on an industry secret. All Grade One locks are not created equally. On Big Box Store shelves you will find some brands boasting a G1 security level, what they don’t tell you is that this is based on a residential grading system. For true high-quality locks, you will need to seek out Commercial Grade One ratings…and you won’t find this at your local Home Depot.
Why do you need the higher grade locks? It’s all about standards and certifications. You would not by a life jacket for your child without the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification stamp on it… so why buy a lock without a ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) certification?

The certifications mean that a 3rd party objective agency has tested the locks using trusted standards and conditions. Locks with ULC certifications mean they meet minimum standards for protection against lock picking, drilling, key bumping, high heat and fire.
Because time is your friend when trying to prevent burglaries, the longer it takes a potential intruder to pick, drill through, or key bump your lock, the more likely he will just give up for fear of being detected.

The other extremely important factor in a Commercial Grade One lock is “Key Control”. The best lock in the world won’t keep somebody out if they have a key. Ask us about secure keyways, where only authorized users can get keys cut. Or ask us about our amazing Mul-T-lock 3 in 1 high-security cylinders that offer you the ability to change a lock combination all on your own. Lost keys or any circumstances that might require a user to immediately change a lock combination are easily resolved by 3in1 keying. No waiting for a locksmith to arrive, no new locks to purchase.
When it comes to stepping up your game on security we have a lock solution for you.

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