Security for your Home or Business has never been more important. Technological advancements in security can make the decision on choosing the appropriate Security Contractor more difficult. It’s never been more important to choose a security company carefully. Here are our top 5 tips on what you should look for on how to choose the best Security Provider.

1) Diversification and Integration: A security company that only offers you with one option to protect your assets is leaving you vulnerable. In today’s world, you need a company that can provide you with expert advice on a variety of security measures. You may not decide to implement everything offered, but you should know what your options are, so you are comfortable with your final decision. Look for a company that offers a variety of products and services from brand names you trust. A REAL TRUSTED security provider won’t just try to sell you a basic alarm system. They will provide you with the latest in Security Systems AND options on Physical Security including; locks, access control, security window film and bars, video surveillance and door reinforcement hardware. You also need to know how it all works together to keep you safe.

2) Company history: When you are choosing a security provider it’s generally not a short-term or 1-time transaction. In many instances, you will be signing a service agreement for multiple years. Consequently, you should be sure the company has solid credentials. Read some reviews and testimonials. Find out how long the company has been in business, do they have professional affiliations and accreditations?

3) Location: Does the company have a physical address? A company working from a post office box may be challenging to track down when problems arise, or you need service after the sale. A company without an address also means there is no showroom where you can see the product offerings BEFORE you make a purchase.

4) Technicians and Salespeople: The best security companies employ good people. Don’t be afraid to ask your Sales Representative how long he/she has been with the company and in the industry. Are the Sales People willing to come to your site for a consultation? Ask how experienced the technicians are, and if they are veterans of the security industry. Security veterans have years of experience and training to share with you, and will also be able to help you modernize your existing systems. Experience counts.

5) Value versus Price: Every business person and home owner has a limited budget and wants to get the most service for the least money. But there is a big difference between value and cheap. Be very cautious of a sales representative or company that is offering a much lower cost than competitors. In most cases, the adage that “you get what you pay for” remains true. Good value is the goal, look for quality products and services that over the long-term (which is indicative of security) will provide you with solid protection and reliable service.

Choose carefully, so you only have to choose (and pay) once… To find out more, call us today.

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