How To Keep Your Pool Area Safe With A Home Security System

Pool area safe? When the weather becomes too hot to handle, why not go for a dip in the pool with your family? Before you pick teams for the annual family Marco Polo tournament, ask yourself this: how safe is your pool area? The answer is probably: not as safe as you want it to be. Burglars tend to be more active in the warmer months, and if they see you have a pool, they’ll assume you have valuables inside that are worth stealing. There are even some kooky thieves who’ll see your pool and want to go for a dive post-robbery. Luckily, there are security system components available that will keep your family safe before, during and after they go for a swim.

How To Keep Your Pool Area Safe With A Home Security System


Any good security technician will tell you how effective cameras are. Installing outdoor video surveillance in your backyard will help you monitor not only the pool but also the area around it. Plus, you’ll know if your neighbour’s kids are sneaking in to use the pool when you’re away. Remember that security cameras are not a substitute for a lifeguard. If your young children are swimming, you should be watching them directly, not through a CCTV feed on your phone.

Self-locking fences

Another great pool safety measure is to install a security system that comes with self-locking fences. These fences are tall enough to keep your little ones out when you tell them it’s bedtime and not pool time. Self-locking fences also keep intruders out, and as their name implies, they lock on their own, making security a breeze.

Detectors and gate contacts

If the self-locking fences aren’t enough, you can install water level detectors and gate contacts. These are sensors that let you know if the water level in the pool changes, which can help prevent flooding and damage. Plus, the gate contacts will inform you anytime the gates are opened and closed; this way, if someone is trying to get into your pool, you’ll know. You can also install sensors near your pool cover so that if someone tries to take it off to go for an unauthorized swim, you’ll receive a notification.

Besides security systems, poolside safety involves rules. Explain to your children that they can’t dive in shallow water or run near the pool. Keep the area clear of debris and keep life jackets and inflatable safety devices handy. To learn more, call us today.

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