When it comes to installing security cameras in your home, placement is everything. There are many reasons people install security cameras, though the most popular reason is to deter burglars from breaking into your property.

Strategic security camera placement can achieve three important things:

  • A visible security camera may cause an intruder to think twice about attempting to break-in
  • You may witness the break-in and be able to call the police while it is in progress
  • After a break-in, a well-placed security camera will capture the burglar’s face, making it easier for the police to identify and track them down

Where should you place security cameras in order to best catch a burglar?

1. Front and Back Doors
Burglars are often break in through the back or front doors of a house. Placing a camera at the point of entry is the best way to capture burglar’s faces. When placing cameras above doors or windows, make sure the camera is placed high up and encased properly or another difficult to break material.

Many would-be burglars spend time scoping out their targets before they break in. A camera with a clear view of the front of your home, including your driveway, will pick up any suspicious behavior, hopefully ending the break in before it even begins.

2. First-Floor Windows
Many houses are broken into via ground level windows. The windows may be smashed, but the unfortunate truth is that many of us forget to lock or close our windows, especially in the summer.

Like cameras placed above doors, cameras should be high enough above a window so they cannot be reached. Windows that are at the back of the house, or somewhere else where they aren’t visible from the street are especially vulnerable.

3. Backyard/Garage
If your garage is attached to your home, it’s especially important to place security cameras with interior and exterior views. Even if you cannot enter your home through the garage, security cameras can help protect any valuables kept in the garage.

Your backyard may also be home to valuable items like sporting goods and patio furniture. In addition, you want to have surveillance of all your property, not just the inside of your home. Burglars may enter your backyard to investigate the entry points and vulnerability of your home. For outdoor cameras, ensure that they are equipped with night vision.

While we all hope to never experience a break-in, they are all-too-common. Strategic security camera placement will give you the peace of mind knowing that you’ve done all in your power to protect your family and your property.

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