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Protect Your Home From Flooding

 How to defend against flooding in your home or business Once again, it's spring in Canada. The news is filled with images and stories of flooded homes, basements and businesses. The photos are daunting and heartbreaking.

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Winter Safety and Security Tips

People often regard the winter season as the time when more things will go wrong in and around their homes. Insurance statistics tell us that your home is at much greater risk of a mishap or problem over the winter months.

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Halloween Safety Tips — Happy Trick or Treating!

How To Have a Fun and Safe Halloween Night As parents, we have been bombarded for at least a month on which Halloween costumes to buy, and which treats to give out. You may have already done the “Haunted House” decorations on your home. But have you considered all the safety precautions?

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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

PROTECTION PLUS ® Top Ten Holiday Fire Safety Tips As a Security and Life Safety Company, we know that Fire Safety is important 365 days a year. However, in December we do see an unfortunate spike in home fires. So what steps can you take to ensure your home and family reduces your risk of a fire?

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5 Tips To Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

Modifying a home so that it’s suitable for a wheelchair user can be a challenging process. But by learning from the experts, you can get a head start on the planning process. In this latest post, we offer five tips for making your home wheelchair accessible. Consider the Entrance.

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