Home security is not like it once was. Nowadays, you can monitor your home from aboard a spaceship if you wanted to. These three trends in home security make watching your home easier than ever.

Camera Surveillance

In the early days of home security, a bell or chime would sound when someone broke into your house. Police departments and your alarm company were notified simultaneously and hopefully, the burglar was alarmed enough to leave. However, when the police arrived at your home, unless they were able to apprehend the thief, they would have no idea what he/she looked like. With camera surveillance, the police will have a better chance of catching the burglar and seeing exactly how the scene went down. Video monitoring allows the police to watch footage of the crime and use that visual knowledge to potentially catch the assailant.

Additionally, camera surveillance lets you keep an eye on your home’s exterior. Monitoring systems can be set up inside and outside of your house to allow you to see everything that goes on at all times. For instance, if your garbage cans keep getting knocked over, a quick look at the video will show you if it’s pesky raccoons or neighborhood kids playing a prank.

Mobile Monitoring

These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a smart device. Through mobile technology, you can now monitor your home directly from your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. Most high-tech security companies now have mobile versions of their systems in the form of apps that lets you check up on your home from anywhere. Through mobile monitoring, you will get notifications if something goes awry in your home. If someone is trying to break in, you’ll know right away.

Mobile monitoring systems are great for people who vacation or travel constantly for work. You may live in Toronto but while you’re visiting relatives in Montreal, you can check on your house to make sure everything is in order.

Ease of Use

Home security systems shouldn’t require an extensive usual manual to operate. Companies are shifting towards catering to the user experience instead of relying on those who are tech-savvy to purchase their products. Although home security systems are becoming more complex and powerful, they are also becoming easier to operate, leaving customers with a great understanding of how the cameras and monitoring devices work.

You shouldn’t have to do extensive research just to arm your system, and security companies are recognizing that. Push button technology, easy arming systems, one-touch apps, and even voice command are becoming the norm in home security. Look for this trend to continue into the future as technology improves, so will the ease of use of home security systems.

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