Kitchen grease fires are one of the worst kinds a per­son can fight to put out, espe­cial­ly if they don’t know the best way to approach the sit­u­a­tion. The one thing you nev­er want to do is douse the fire with water. Since this is nor­mal­ly the ide­al solu­tion, it is most people’s first response.

Get Your Grease Fire Under Control

Grease fires are the excep­tion to the rule; you will only make mat­ters worse and could wind up caus­ing con­sid­er­ably more dam­age to your prop­er­ty and harm to your­self and oth­ers.

As such, you should always take extra pre­cau­tions when cook­ing with ani­mal fats and veg­etable oil. Grease is infa­mous for its splat­ter pat­tern. Throw­ing a flam­ing pan in the kitchen sink is thus one of the worst things you can do. Thank­ful­ly, get­ting a dan­ger­ous grease fire under con­trol is not as tough as it may seem; all it takes is a few spe­cial steps to get it right. The first and most obvi­ous thing you want to do is remove the heat source; turn off your burn­ers as soon as pos­si­ble, then suf­fo­cate the fire by cut­ting off its oxy­gen sup­ply.

This can be accom­plished in mul­ti­ple ways; do it as safe­ly and quick­ly as pos­si­ble. You can put the fire out with either anoth­er pan, pot, a spe­cial­ly designed fire retar­dant blan­ket or bak­ing soda. The lat­ter works to smoth­er and neu­tral­ize the flame; you will like­ly need to pour the entire con­tain­er on top of the fire to put it out com­plete­ly, but this is nec­es­sary to pre­vent it from spread­ing through­out the kitchen.

Salt is anoth­er every­day home mate­r­i­al that is excel­lent at heat absorp­tion. Kitchen grease fires move far faster than most peo­ple real­ize; you can wor­ry about clean­ing up the mess lat­er. At this point, iso­lat­ing the flames before they become uncon­trol­lable is vital. Of course, you can nev­er go wrong with a prop­er fire extin­guish­er for kitchen fires.

Fire pre­ven­tion and con­trol are nec­es­sary for home own­er­ship and fam­i­ly safe­ty. Prop­er extin­guish­ing meth­ods will pro­tect your belong­ings and, more impor­tant­ly, the peo­ple liv­ing in your house.

Bet­ter yet, con­tact your local fire depart­ment. There is nev­er any time to waste in these sit­u­a­tions. Espe­cial­ly when your family’s safe­ty and liveli­hood are on the line.

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