Secu­ri­ty glaz­ing, also known as Secu­ri­ty film, is a durable sheet of plas­tic that adheres to the panes of glass on your doors and win­dows; its pur­pose is to pro­vide a dou­ble lay­er of pre­ven­tion against unwant­ed intrud­ers.

Stay Safe With Secu­ri­ty Win­dow Film

Where­as con­ven­tion­al glass can be quick­ly bro­ken, thus expos­ing your home to easy entry, those rein­forced with secu­ri­ty film make it much more dif­fi­cult for bur­glars to get inside.

Lam­i­nat­ed glass is a sim­ple and afford­able solu­tion that pro­tects thou­sands of homes and build­ings each year from forced entry, not to men­tion increased resis­tance to bul­lets. This may not be a con­cern to most peo­ple, but log­ic says if it can bet­ter resist a bul­let, it will be bet­ter able to resist golf balls and base­balls when they get away from the neigh­bour­hood kids, as well.

Anoth­er major ben­e­fit of secu­ri­ty film, espe­cial­ly for home­own­ers who live in areas prone to heavy winds is its abil­i­ty to cap­ture bro­ken glass shards. Unse­cured doors and win­dows can instant­ly become destruc­tive, harm­ful debris in the event of high winds. Steer clear of the lethal shards by apply­ing this life-sav­ing lay­er of film.

It tru­ly is one of the eas­i­est and most effec­tive ways to ensure your peace of mind, and since most home­own­ers’ insur­ance com­pa­nies offer dis­counts to cus­tomers who employ these mea­sures, you could save a bun­dle on your annu­al pre­mi­ums, as well.

How Does Secu­ri­ty Film Work?

Com­prised of a durable poly­ester mate­r­i­al that is held togeth­er by extra-strength adhe­sive, these films adhere secure­ly to glass, yet are invis­i­ble to the naked eye. They are com­plete­ly trans­par­ent and thus pro­vide an extreme­ly strong, see-through bar­ri­er that keeps bur­glars and debris out of your home in the event that the glass is bro­ken.

These prod­ucts must meet strict indus­try stan­dards before they can be sold, and each has been test­ed repeat­ed­ly in sim­u­lat­ed, real-world con­di­tions. Per­haps the best part about lam­i­nat­ed glass is that it can be installed quick­ly and eas­i­ly by a secu­ri­ty pro­fes­sion­al, offer­ing pro­tec­tion for any home­own­er want­i­ng to enhance their safe­ty and secu­ri­ty.

Pro­fes­sion­als start by sim­ply remov­ing and mea­sur­ing the pane(s) of glass, then siz­ing the film to the appro­pri­ate dimen­sions. Using a sharp blade to guar­an­tee a pre­ci­sion cut, they ensure not to have any excess film when it comes time to install.

After­wards, they thor­ough­ly clean and dry the glass before apply­ing the film, as this will guar­an­tee strong adhe­sion. Remov­ing the back­ing of the film to expose its sticky side, they firm­ly posi­tion it on the win­dow and fin­ish by smooth­ing out any air and water bub­bles to keep your view crys­tal clear.

Although the instal­la­tion process is fast, the pro­tec­tion it offers will last as long as your win­dows. Give your­self and your fam­i­ly peace of mind and talk to the PROTECTION PLUS ® team today to find out what we can do for you.

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