Security glazing, also known as Security film, is a durable sheet of plastic that adheres to the panes of glass on your doors and windows; its purpose is to provide a double layer of prevention against unwanted intruders.

Stay Safe With Security Window Film

Whereas conventional glass can be quickly broken, thus exposing your home to easy entry, those reinforced with security film make it much more difficult for burglars to get inside.

Laminated glass is a simple and affordable solution that protects thousands of homes and buildings each year from forced entry, not to mention increased resistance to bullets. This may not be a concern to most people, but logic says if it can better resist a bullet, it will be better able to resist golf balls and baseballs when they get away from the neighbourhood kids, as well.

Another major benefit of security film, especially for homeowners who live in areas prone to heavy winds is its ability to capture broken glass shards. Unsecured doors and windows can instantly become destructive, harmful debris in the event of high winds. Steer clear of the lethal shards by applying this life-saving layer of film.

It truly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your peace of mind, and since most homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts to customers who employ these measures, you could save a bundle on your annual premiums, as well.

How Does Security Film Work?

Comprised of a durable polyester material that is held together by extra-strength adhesive, these films adhere securely to glass, yet are invisible to the naked eye. They are completely transparent and thus provide an extremely strong, see-through barrier that keeps burglars and debris out of your home in the event that the glass is broken.

These products must meet strict industry standards before they can be sold, and each has been tested repeatedly in simulated, real-world conditions. Perhaps the best part about laminated glass is that it can be installed quickly and easily by a security professional, offering protection for any homeowner wanting to enhance their safety and security.

Professionals start by simply removing and measuring the pane(s) of glass, then sizing the film to the appropriate dimensions. Using a sharp blade to guarantee a precision cut, they ensure not to have any excess film when it comes time to install.

Afterwards, they thoroughly clean and dry the glass before applying the film, as this will guarantee strong adhesion. Removing the backing of the film to expose its sticky side, they firmly position it on the window and finish by smoothing out any air and water bubbles to keep your view crystal clear.

Although the installation process is fast, the protection it offers will last as long as your windows. Give yourself and your family peace of mind and talk to the PROTECTION PLUS ® team today to find out what we can do for you.

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