If you’re a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your investment in a great shape, and you probably take plenty of measures to ensure the people and belongings inside it are kept safe at all times. However, if you’re like most people, you could be unintentionally putting yourself in harm’s way.

The cardinal rule for home security, like many areas of life, is to never assume anything. Never think that a burglary couldn’t happen to you; always stay proactive in your efforts to keep unwanted intruders out. By doing so, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your family is always safe and sound. And who better to give advice on home security than a former, professional burglar? Extensive research conducted by a company called BrightNest alongside former career criminals uncovered a wealth of valuable information that homeowners can use to assess the current condition of their home security, as well as to amp it up if need be.

Do You Make These Home Security Mistakes?

    1. Leaving second-story windows unlocked

You might think it silly to lock the windows on the upper floor, since most break-ins occur at ground level, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

If a burglar has access to a ladder, which they often do because people leave them out in the open for quick access, they will waste no time going up if your front door is locked. They know most second-story windows are vulnerable entry points; don’t fall victim to their skill.

    1. Telling the world what you keep inside those walls

Most people don’t think twice about tossing that new TV or computer box to the curb for trash collection, but they should. In the world of thieves, this is the best advertising there is. If an intruder is less likely to know what they might find inside, the less likely they’ll be to break-in.

    1. Offering perfect concealment

Bushes need to be trimmed and motion detectors need to be installed if you want to boost your home’s anti-intrusion measures. You want to get rid of any possible hiding spot a potential burglar could take advantage of.

    1. Social media boasting gets people in trouble

If your Facebook or Twitter profile is open for the world to see, be very careful about what you post. Announcing your 2-week summer vacation online could attract unwanted attention. Think about it; you are literally telling would-be intruders they have an easy target.

    1. Keeping the lights off all the time

Simply leaving the porch light on is enough to deter burglars, especially if there are no cars in the driveway. You want to make people think you’re at home, since the vast number of break-ins happens during broad daylight.

Stop putting your family’s safety on the line and making your home a dead giveaway for intruders. Get smart and keep them off your property with these insider tips, and contact PROTECTION PLUS ® for more information.

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