You can invest in solid wood or metal doors and add a deadbolt to ensure that a burglar won’t be able to kick your door in and gain access, but if your windows are not well secured, you might as well leave your doors wide open inviting all the neighbourhood thieves to come in and help themselves to your stuff!

Windows or glass doors are a real weakness when it comes to securing your home against a break-in, and for obvious reasons – the glass is easily broken allowing access inside. You could replace your existing windows with double-glazed panes to strengthen the glass from impact, but that’s quite a costly undertaking. A less expensive alternative is to apply security window film to your existing windows.

What is a security window film?

Security window film is composed of one or more layers of polyester film, laminated together with special adhesives. The thickness of the film ranges from 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns) or more. In general, the thicker the film is, the higher the degree of break, tear and puncture strength.

For most security applications, 8 mils to 14 mils thickness film is usually used. The manufacturer says that most security film can resist blows of up 400 pounds. The cost for 3M’s 28-ply Ultra Safety and Security Clear Window Film is $7 to $9 per square foot. Since the application of the film to the window is a bit tricky, it should really be done by a professional, which will likely increase your cost.

How effective is security window film against a break-in?

But the little extra expense may be worth it. When the window is strengthened by the security window film, it can delay or even prevent a break-in. The shattering of the glass will make a lot of noise which may scare the burglar away, or at the very least, delay him, which will give you time to call the police.

However, it should be kept in mind that having your windows fortified with security window film will not make your house burglar-proof. This is an important security measure but should be combined with other home security strategies. For instance, to further protect the windows from becoming an easy entry point for a burglar, you can connect your security alarm to your windows.

The minute the glass is broken, the alarm goes off, the police is on their way, and so most assuredly will be the thief. Or, you can plant some very thorny bushes and shrubs right under your window. This tangled, impenetrable and most likely quite painful access may just dissuade the thief from going through with his intended robbery.

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