Although to some cases this may seem extreme, installing window security bars in your business’s windows can significantly reduce your risk of a break-in. Burglars always look for the path of least resistance, and this often times lies in vulnerable windows. When left unguarded (even if locked), they make particularly easy access points.

Since the majority of intrusions happen during daylight hours; a quick throw of a brick is sometimes all it takes to give a burglar enough time to get in and out. But, as you can imagine, a set of security bars makes doing so a lot tougher. When positioned correctly, there is no chance of an intruder getting inside your office or storefront. Window bars offer excellent protection in off the path locations where your business may be located.

Protect Your Home With the Power of Security Bars

In addition to keeping burglars out of stores, an additional benefit for parents is that security bars can keep young children from accidentally falling out windows, especially if their bedroom is located on the ground floor.

While many homeowners fear that conventional security bars would cause a fire hazard and prevent easy escape, modern bars easily get around these problems.

Pre-equipped with quick-release mechanisms, the bars can be installed and dismantled from the inside with ease, while still retaining the durability and security level to prevent break-ins.

Basement windows are also key access points for break-ins. Quick release interior window bars are beneficial in this well.

Are Security Bars Right For You?

To determine whether your home or business may be a good candidate for security bars, it can be helpful to answer a few, important questions. The first concerns the rate of burglary in your area. If it is currently high or on the rise, it is in your best interest to install them.

Keep in mind that extra home security measures are recommended even in areas where crime rates are low. Burglars often target affluent neighbourhoods because of the potential they offer for payload, which is why the question of location is more relevant than what may be expected.

Are the windows in your ground level or basement visibly exposed, or are they concealed by bushes? Do you have a neighbourhood watch program, and do your local authorities respond quickly when called? These are all things to take into consideration when deciding whether to install security bars but are far from the only factors.

If you’re indecisive on whether or not your home or office would benefit from security bars, contact PROTECTION PLUS ®. Our team of experienced security professionals will assess your location, help you decide what your home or office needs to remain safe.

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