Retail shops are especially vulnerable to theft due to the nature of their businesses. If a shop sells valuable items – notably smaller, easily concealed goods, such as jewellery, clothing or medical products –it naturally becomes a target for thieves.

But that doesn’t mean the shop is helpless in preventing these crimes from happening. There are several simple ways stores can secure their inventory, strengthen their business security and deter thieves.

Here are 6 ways to do it at your shop.

1) Start with business security cameras.

The mere presence of commercial security cameras can make a criminal think twice about stealing from your business. Cameras are a powerful deterrent, serving as an initial warning sign to potential thieves that they will be caught if they attempt to steal.

If a crime is committed anyway, you’ll have the evidence to catch the offender, prosecute them, potentially reclaim your stolen items or file insurance claims.

2) Limit direct access to your most valuable goods.

Did you know that some types of Ontario businesses are required by law to keep valuable goods away from the reach of customers? For example, cannabis stores must keep their products in secure display containers accessible only to employees.

If you sell valuables at your store, keeping these goods in a locked display case is strongly recommended so that would-be thieves can’t quickly grab them and run. For added protection, consider adding specialized window film to the case (as well as front display windows), which prevents the glass from being smashed.

3) Eliminate blind spots.

All areas of the retail floor should be visible to your employees. If there are blind spots, it’s only a matter of time before items are stolen from those areas.

Limit the height of shelves and dividers so that employees can see all customers throughout the store. If this is not possible, install security cameras to eliminate the blind spots.

4) Consider placing checkout near the entrance.

In retail, keeping your most desirable items at the back of the store is often suggested so that customers will pass more products on the way. But it’s still important to keep the most valuable items locked and consider placing your checkout counters near the entrance.

Having checkouts near the entrance will require all customers to pass by your employees on the way out of the store, making it much harder to avoid detection if concealing goods.

5) Secure delivery areas and stock rooms.

A large percentage of retail theft occurs in stock rooms and receiving areas. Ensure you install security cameras in these areas and consider using access control and intercom systems for delivery areas. Hence, you have greater control and visibility into what’s happening in these areas.

6) Install a commercial alarm system.

The tips above protect when your shop is open during the day. But what about when the store is closed?

A commercial alarm system is essential to detect attempted break-ins, sound an audible alarm and alert the alarm-centre dispatchers to send police. If no business security system is in place, this is an open invitation for criminals to loot your business during the night.

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