One of the greatest sources of concern for any parent is not knowing where their children are. Did they arrive home from school? Are they safe? What about the babysitter – is everything okay?

For working parents especially, keeping track of school-age children during the day can be stressful. Even when kids have mobile phones, this doesn’t mean they will respond to your calls and texts. So when you’re stuck at work, not knowing whether your child is safe at home, it can throw you into a panic.

Thankfully, today’s home security solutions have made it much easier to check in on your kids when you’re not home while still giving them the privacy they deserve.

Here are a few examples.

1) Get automatic notifications from your home security system.

Let’s say you’re at work when your daughter comes home from school every day. Maybe you’ve asked your daughter to text you when she gets home so that you know she made it safely. But will she do that every day? There’s no guarantee.

With many of today’s home security systems, you can receive automated notifications on your phone when your child enters the home and disarms the security system. This reassures you that your daughter safely made it home from school, even if she forgets to send you a message.

What if she forgot her key to the front door? No problem. You can use the same system to unlock the door remotely and disarm the system.

2) See for yourself with home security cameras.

A notification is nice, but sometimes you just want to ensure your child is safe at home. Security cameras offer a simple way to do this.

With exterior cameras, for example, you can receive automatic alerts when your child (or anyone else) approaches the door, allowing you to view the real-time video of your child arriving home. And, if you can’t check your phone right away, you can easily watch the recorded clip later.

Indoor cameras provide additional peace of mind, especially if you won’t return home for a few hours. The cameras allow you to confirm that your child is still safely inside the home (without pestering them constantly with calls or texts).

3) Say ‘hello’ to your child and their babysitter while you’re out.

Were you going on a dinner date? Just because you’re going out doesn’t mean you must be “in the dark” about what’s happening with your kids.

Use your security camera to check in on your children and their babysitter right from your phone. Even if you’re in the middle of dinner, you can view the live video quickly and quietly to ensure everything is okay.

Even better, why not communicate directly with your kids? With many security cameras and alarm systems, 2-way communication allows you to have conversations now through your phone. So even if you’re checking in to say “hello,” you can speak with your kids and ask the babysitter if everything is going smoothly.

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