Residential and commercial security audits are an in-depth analysis of your current security measures. A residential security audit evaluates the measures that the homeowner takes to make their home safe and protect it from outside intruders. On the other hand, a commercial security audit evaluates the measures that a business (corporation) takes to protect the business from both external and internal threats. In this case, how employees are monitored and trained also matters.

How does it work?

This analysis is conducted by a security expert where they compare your security measures against those of pre-set standards or suggestions. This can come in many forms. One of the most common forms is a checklist where your security measures are compared to those set by guidelines. If you answer “no” to any of the questions, this indicates an area where you can do more to improve security in your home or business.

Who can complete them?

These audits can be completed by yourself. The checklists can be found on the Ontario government website. If you’re still not quite sure on how to conduct a proper audit, you can also contact a security company and ask for a security expert to conduct the audit. Once such company is PROTECTION PLUS ®. With a quick call, we can schedule to have an audit conducted for you.

When can it be done?

A residential or commercial security audit can be conducted at any time, whenever the home or business owner chooses to.

When is the best time to do an audit?

A good time to conduct an audit is when you are planning to move to a new house. A residential security audit will tell you how safe the home is, based on the homeowner’s efforts, and whether or not you will need to do more work to keep it safe.

What does the audit tell me about being a business owner?

From a business owner perspective, the commercial security audit will tell you whether or not you are doing a good job as a business owner to protect your business from external and internal threats.  It shows you what you’re doing well and provides guidelines on what you can do better.

What does the audit tell me about being a homeowner?

From a home owner perspective, the residential security audit will tell you whether or not you’re doing a good job as a homeowner in protecting your family and your home from external threats.  It shows you what you’re doing well (your efforts) and what you can do better to protect against threats outside the home.

Next steps

Based on your results, many things can be done, both in a residential or commercial setting.  Monitoring systems can be set up, upgrades to your current security system can be made or simply locks can be changed.  For residential properties, your family’s situation and lifestyle will be kept in mind. At PROTECTION PLUS ®, we can easily develop, install and service a customized residential security solution that will best suit your particular needs, fitting your lifestyle and budget.

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