Canadians are known for a few things. The way they talk, their love for hockey, maple syrup and their infamous winters.  This year, Canadians across the country have been dealt a bitterly cold and unpleasant winter; one that hasn’t been seen in a while.  In the past, we’ve experienced cold winters and treacherous conditions before, but none like we’re seeing now.  Not only has this winter been cold, but we’ve even experienced the treacherous weather conditions, from ice storms to snow blizzards to a mix of the two. With all of this, we can’t help but hope for summer to be here quickly.  Forget about beating the summer heat, it’s time to focus on surviving the bitterly cold winter and its aftermath.

1. Bundle Up

Remember when your parents used to tell you to dress warmly before you went out. Reminding you to put on layers as you could always take them off but couldn’t put them on if you were cold. Well, that teaching becomes very important this winter season. We’ve already experienced what -41 degrees can feel like and it’s not very pleasant. This winter, make sure to bundle up warmly, even if it is for five minutes.  That includes wearing your winter jacket, hat, scarves, gloves and warm shoes.  It only takes for mere seconds to catch a cold or even worse, frostbite. If you’re going to be out longer, then put on layers.  Remember, if you start to feel warm, you can always take them off.

2. Stay Indoors

One of the best ways, and probably the smartest way to survive the frigid cold temperatures is to stay indoors. If you don’t have to go anywhere important, then why leave the warmth and comfort of your home?  Errands and chores can be done another day. Take this as an opportunity to catch up on some overdue work or spend time with the family and kids. Just like how authorities tell homeowners to remain indoors during horrible weather conditions, the same is true in this case. Staying home means staying warm.

3. Be Prepared

To be able to survive the winter, you’ll need to be prepared.  From tools to clean your driveways to layers that will keep you warm, this winter season doesn’t look like it’ll be lightening up. Make sure you have plenty of salt this winter.  With all the snow and freezing rain coming down, salt will help to melt it away, making walking around your house a lot safer. Be sure to keep a small shovel and your car essentials in your car.  You may need these if your car breaks down or is stuck in the middle of the road.

4. Be Aware of Weather Changes

Many of us hate the cold and can’t wait for it to warm up.  However, if it warms up to quickly, it can have dangerous consequences and we’ll be seeing that in the coming week. Early in the week, we experienced -41 degrees and by the weekend, we’ll be seeing above seasonal temperatures, like 4 degrees. With such drastic changes in the temperatures, it’s important to be aware of the effects that these drastic weather changes can cause. If the weather goes from extreme cold to above seasonal in a short amount of time, be sure to check on your water pipes, especially those in the basement.  Extreme cold temperatures cause pipes to freeze and if they thaw too quickly, they could crack and cause extensive water damage. This is also the same for cracks in windows, walls and cracks in your foundation.  Also, be aware of ice and snow melting too fast, especially on the roof.  If ice or snow melt too fast, it can unexpected slide off the roof and poses as a serious danger. If you fear that will be the case, avoid trying to remove it yourself as you could put yourself in danger. In this case, try pinpointing where the ice or snow may fall and avoid walking under that area.

Stay safe this winter.

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Allan Baum
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