Buying a security alarm system for a senior can be a complex process that may require you to take unique factors into consideration. Those without experience in the security field may not have a clear understanding of the selection process, and so to help guide effective systems selection, this post will highlight our expert guide to choosing the best security alarms for senior citizens.

Best Security Alarms For Seniors

Make Medical Alerts a Priority

For the senior’s ongoing safety and for your peace of mind, try to make medical alerts a priority when reviewing systems. The latest security solutions can be designed to alert you via your phone when a senior experiences a medical event. The senior might also wear a bracelet that alerts medical teams within their area to a potential medical event.

Review Remote Control Options

With the innovation in security systems technology in recent years, it has become easier for seniors to get away on vacation while ensuring their home and property is safe. To ensure the property is completely secure and to empower seniors with a sense of comfort while going on vacation, make sure they can review their home remotely via tablet or smartphone. Try to ensure the remote control system is as intuitive as possible to mitigate usage issues.

Help Alleviate Stress by Automating Home Processes

Seniors often face a number of issues moving around their home and in managing their daily home maintenance requirements. Fortunately, a number of leading security systems are now presenting ways to automate many home activities. For example, the leading security solutions can automate the process of setting the alarm code for the home. They can also be programmed to keep the home at a specific, comfortable temperature to ensure the optimal home conditions.

Include Motion Sensors

Another key feature within modern security technology is motion sensors. These systems can be used to detect any form of movement outside the property and, if required, quickly alert the police to a potential break-in scenario. Because seniors are not always able to react quickly when there’s a potential threat, motion sensors should be used to ensure the homeowner has additional time to deal with a potential threat to their property.

Our trusted security experts are now available to help guide you in building the ideal security solution for your senior loved ones. To learn more, call our offices directly!

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