Many Canadians are now turning Do-It-Yourself home security systems because they believe they can limit the maintenance cost for the system. This may be true, but unfortunately, turning to DIY home security options has weakened the security around the homes of many property owners. In this article, we will provide our guidance by presenting the disadvantages of choosing Do-It-Yourself security systems over professional security systems.

Limited Support

Most DIY systems have limited support options for the user of the system. As a homeowner, you might be able to contact the manufacturer of your system for guidance, but you won’t have access to full 24-hour support offered through a security team. If the system loses functionality, or if you have a question about its performance in the coming months, you will have to work harder to find the right answers.

Incorrect Installation

A security system that has been incorrectly installed is of little to no use to anyone. You might believe you have the technical know-how to install a security camera above your front door, but incorrect installation may lead to limited security information being delivered through your system. Professional products come with professional installation, and this can ensure significant peace of mind when addressing your family’s security.

No Connection to Emergency Teams

The leading security systems now offer direct access to police and medical personnel in the event of an emergency taking place within the home. DIY systems lack this essential functionality. This means you may have to take extra steps to contact emergency teams when an issue arises, and this extra time could impact the response time.

Repair Responsibility

When a professionally installed system breaks down, the manufacturing company and the security firm responsible for the system are held responsible for fixing the issue. But when utilizing DIY security products, the responsibility falls on your shoulders. You will have to maintain the system over time, and take moments out of your schedule to analyze issues. This makes owning a DIY security solution often highly inconvenient.

Lacking in Innovation

If you choose a DIY product, you’ll miss out on the many great features now available with professional security solutions. For example, you might not be able to connect the DIY product to your smartphone or tablet device. You might also not be able to automate home security elements such as alarm setting with your DIY system. This lack of technical sophistication could mean you are missing out on important system performance benefits over time.

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