With so many Canadians taking time away from their home on family vacations and romantic trips with loved ones, home security is coming into focus. Canadians must ensure their properties are protected when they take time away in the coming months. To help ensure your home is protected and your valuables are secure, we will share 5 summer home security tips with you.

Summer Home Security Tips

  1. Make Sure Your Home Appears Occupied. When burglars see that a property is clearly not occupied, they may have further incentive to try and break in. Your home should be full of signs of life when you take your summer vacation. For example, you might try leaving some kids’ toys in the yard or leaving your radio on an AM talk radio station to give the impression that people are home.
  2. Conduct a Property Walk Through. As we enter summer, it is the perfect time for you to walk through your property and look for weak spots in your properties security. Walk around the exterior of the home and look for elements that might present a security risk. For example, you should try to lock up recycling bins and other items that a burglar may use to access the windows in elevated areas of the home. You might also consider changing the placement of your key to ensure that access to the home is restricted at all times.
  3. Ask a Friend to Monitor the Home. When going away for a week or two, make sure you have a friend visit the property every few days to ensure everything is as it should be. The friend could be provided with a key and asked to look for signs of property damage as they walk through the home. They can also adjust blinds or move items within the home to present signs of life to those who might be looking in.
  4. Place a Dog Dish at Your Backdoor to Scare Threats. You don’t have to get a guard dog to scare potential burglars away from your home. You can simply buy a dog dish and leave it in an obvious area outside the property. Data shows homes with dogs are less likely to be broken into by criminals.
  5. Take a Photo Record of Expensive Items. To further prepare for the summer season, you can begin by taking a photo record of your most expensive assets. This will help ensure that should any valuable item go missing, you can provide investigators and your insurance company with clear information on the stolen products.

Be proactive on home security this summer by following the tips presented in this article! To discover more on summer home security, contact our trusted team today.

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