With so many Cana­di­ans tak­ing time away from their home on fam­i­ly vaca­tions and roman­tic trips with loved ones, home secu­ri­ty is com­ing into focus. Cana­di­ans must ensure their prop­er­ties are pro­tect­ed when they take time away in the com­ing months. To help ensure your home is pro­tect­ed and your valu­ables are secure, we will share 5 sum­mer home secu­ri­ty tips with you.

Summer Home Security Tips

  1. Make Sure Your Home Appears Occu­pied. When bur­glars see that a prop­er­ty is clear­ly not occu­pied, they may have fur­ther incen­tive to try and break in. Your home should be full of signs of life when you take your sum­mer vaca­tion. For exam­ple, you might try leav­ing some kids’ toys in the yard or leav­ing your radio on an AM talk radio sta­tion to give the impres­sion that peo­ple are home.
  2. Con­duct a Prop­er­ty Walk Through. As we enter sum­mer, it is the per­fect time for you to walk through your prop­er­ty and look for weak spots in your prop­er­ties secu­ri­ty. Walk around the exte­ri­or of the home and look for ele­ments that might present a secu­ri­ty risk. For exam­ple, you should try to lock up recy­cling bins and oth­er items that a bur­glar may use to access the win­dows in ele­vat­ed areas of the home. You might also con­sid­er chang­ing the place­ment of your key to ensure that access to the home is restrict­ed at all times.
  3. Ask a Friend to Mon­i­tor the Home. When going away for a week or two, make sure you have a friend vis­it the prop­er­ty every few days to ensure every­thing is as it should be. The friend could be pro­vid­ed with a key and asked to look for signs of prop­er­ty dam­age as they walk through the home. They can also adjust blinds or move items with­in the home to present signs of life to those who might be look­ing in.
  4. Place a Dog Dish at Your Back­door to Scare Threats. You don’t have to get a guard dog to scare poten­tial bur­glars away from your home. You can sim­ply buy a dog dish and leave it in an obvi­ous area out­side the prop­er­ty. Data shows homes with dogs are less like­ly to be bro­ken into by crim­i­nals.
  5. Take a Pho­to Record of Expen­sive Items. To fur­ther pre­pare for the sum­mer sea­son, you can begin by tak­ing a pho­to record of your most expen­sive assets. This will help ensure that should any valu­able item go miss­ing, you can pro­vide inves­ti­ga­tors and your insur­ance com­pa­ny with clear infor­ma­tion on the stolen prod­ucts.

Be proac­tive on home secu­ri­ty this sum­mer by fol­low­ing the tips pre­sent­ed in this arti­cle! To dis­cov­er more on sum­mer home secu­ri­ty, con­tact our trust­ed team today.

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