Security cameras play an important role in the overall safety of your home. Many security systems make use of cameras, but people often neglect certain factors when installing them. These often ignored facts are essential in keeping your home safe.

Image quality

The better the image quality, the clearer the picture. Don’t skimp on the quality of the images from your security camera. If there’s a break-in on your property, you—and the police—want to be able to clearly see the perpetrator through the camera. In terms of colour versus black and white, this is entirely up to you. A camera with impeccable image quality will capture the same details in colour and black and white.

Lighting conditions

When installing security cameras, don’t forget about lighting conditions. Take into consideration where the light hits the area. Is it a low-light area? Does sunlight hit it directly? Lighting conditions will affect your security cameras because too much light during the day is actually a bad thing. You need to ensure that your camera is installed in a moderately lit area where the light isn’t blinding.

Storage capacity

Security cameras are capable of storing video footage. The amount of video footage stored depends on the camera. You must decide how much footage you need to store on the hard drive. Some cameras have hard drives that keep footage for up to a year, while others range anywhere from one day to several months.

Remote access

A good security camera will connect to a larger system that can be remotely accessed from your other devices. Ideally, you want to have a security camera that allows for remote access, so you can monitor your home when you are not there. You should opt for one that connects to a central monitoring centre where agents are able to respond to any disturbance that occurs while you’re away.

DIY vs Professional

Many people opt to install their own security cameras. The problem with taking a DIY approach to installation is that you may not do it correctly. It’s best to use the services of a security professional when it comes to installing cameras. They will be able to set your cameras up accurately and ensure they are properly connected to your security system.

Security cameras are a great tool for protecting your property. Contact us for more information. We will keep your home and family safe. It’s what we do.

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